A Kingdom Hearts fic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy characters are owned by Squareenix and Disney.
Characters: Tidus, Wakka, Selphie, some Kairi.
Setting: Post-game.
Spoilers: Yes, for end of game and origin of certain characters.
Warnings: Mangled character relations based on FFX and KH.

A lone figure sat on the beach, watching the waves come in and out. It was dusk, the end of another beautiful day on the island, and she was by herself.

But not alone.

On the nearby dock, three others watched over her.

"It's getting late," Selphie observed.

Tidus didn't acknowledge the comment, while Wakka bestirred himself only enough to grunt.

Selphie sighed. Ever since they'd been returned to the island, the normally loud and energetic duo had been quiet and subdued. It was so hard to be the ones sitting by and waiting, she mused to herself. That was why they'd always enjoyed being in the thick of things. Even though it was often dangerous, it was better than this horrible, helpless waiting.

"I wonder how the others're doing?" Tidus said, suddenly. Wakka and Selphie both started at the sound of his voice, and exchanged glances.

"Who? Sora and Riku, or...?"

Tidus made an irritated gesture. "Those two'll be fine. The others."

"Well," Selphie paused to gather her thoughts, and inject some confidence into her voice. "I'm sure they're fine too. Kairi said that Squ... Leon's there, after all. He'll keep things together."

"Right," Wakka agreed, and shivered in the cool evening air. "But you know, I wish we coulda had a chance to see 'em all again."

"Yeah," Selphie kicked her feet aimlessly over the edge of the dock. "Still, at least we remember 'em now."

"Can't believe we forgot our home like that," Tidus muttered from behind the pair of them. "Cloud and Squall..."

"Leon." Two voices corrected him.

"Whatever, and Aeris and Yuffie and..."

His voice trailed off and the other two glanced at each other.

"I'm sure your dad's okay," Selphie said, finally.

"Yeah, you know Auron's invincible," Wakka added, more confidently. "He's like Cloud and Leon that way. It's the power of grumpiness, ya?"

Tidus snorted with laughter. "Yeah, I guess so." He traced letters on the wooden planks with his finger, and then squinted at the sky. "Getting dark."

"Time to call it a night?" Wakka asked, his eyes moving back to Kairi, still sitting on the beach, waiting.

"Let's give her a little longer," Selphie said, quietly. Her eyes stared at their childhood friend, and unfocused as she thought about all the others from Hollow Bastion. Home, friends, family. All missing.

We'll see each other again, she promised herself silently.

"Just a little longer."


Author's Note: Written because I've been wanting to do more KH fic ever since completing FFX and finally getting a handle on those characters. I particularly wanted to do something with the Hollow Bastion/FF setting and add Auron into the mix, but then I found out that he was going to be in KH2 and I figured that anything I wrote would wind up being flattened by the game itself.

And then I just thought, "Ah, the hell with it, I want to write this". So I did.

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