A Pain in the Neck
by Jaelle

M/M; M/F implied sex.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing and associated characters do not belong to me, as much as I would like them too... No money is being made from this fic!

This story takes place two years after Endless Waltz. The flashback takes place during the time after Heero had left Relena's school, about a week before she found him again.

Duo sat down on the sofa with a thump. "Oi oi, what a day!" he cried. "You're such a slave driver Hilde! 'Fix this', 'Unpack that', 'We need more of these'. Sheesh!"

Hilde giggled at his slumped, sprawled form. "Poor Duo," she teased.

Duo opened one eye. "I don't suppose you'd be willing to come and pamper me for a bit?"

Hilde flashed him a grin and threw herself onto his lap.

"Oof!" Duo wheezed. "Yare yare, I'm not indestructible you know." A formed moved in the shadows by the door. "Speaking of indestructible, that you Heero?"

Heero Yuy stepped into the middle of the room. "Duo. Hilde." he acknowledged.

Hilde crimsoned and tried to get up, but was pinned down by Duo.

"Haven't seen you for a couple of months," Duo greeted him cheerfully.

Heero grunted. "Spare room free?"

"If you mean is there noone else staying there, yes. On the other hand it cannot strictly be said to be free since it still has all your stuff in it," said Duo. "Dinner's at 7."

Heero nodded and sloped off to the spare room. Hilde took the opportunity to clip Duo round the ears and wiggle free.

"Duo!" she scolded. "What is Heero going to think?"

Duo shrugged, "It's cool with him. Come _on_ Hilde, he practically lives here half the year, there's no need to worry about him 'finding out' that we're together."

"But..." Hilde began. Duo looked at her. "Hilde," he said. "Please, he's my friend. And he's your friend too, though he'd deny it to the very last breath. Please don't go all cold on me again. He'll probably be here for a couple of weeks at least and I hate it when you act like he's a guest. Think of him as a relative. Maybe a brother?"

Hilde sighed. "Okay Duo." she said. "You're right, I am being a little silly I guess."


After dinner, during which Duo teased Heero endlessly about 'stalking' Relena, bath and TV, Hilde and Duo retired to their rooms. Undressing, Duo was surprised to hear a knock at the door.

"Heero?" he asked.

The door opened and Hilde peeped in. "He's asleep on the couch downstairs." she said.

Duo grimaced. "I don't know how he does it." he muttered. "What's up Hilde?"

"Um... well... I was thinking about how we shouldn't break things off just because Heero's here." said Hilde, entering the room and fiddling with her pajamas. "And..."

Duo grinned broadly. "Want to make out for a while?" he asked.

Hilde blushed. "Um, yes, that. And also... I'd kind of made up my mind today that I was, well, ready."

"Ready?" Duo repeated blankly. "Ready for... Oh... Are you sure?" he asked nervously.

Hilde nodded shyly. "Yes, I am. I want to be with you Duo. I want to sleep with you, too, um... all of that." She fiddled her top pajama button open. "Do you want to?"

Duo inhaled. "Yes. Very definitely." he said.

"There's just, something I need to ask you first." said Hilde. "Um... this is my first time, ah... have you ever... um, had sex with anyone else?"

Duo paused.

Hilde looked up at him in surprise. Somehow she'd always imagined that his response would be something along the lines of, 'There's never been anyone but you'. However, the long silence was worrying her.

Duo was biting his lip. "Yes." he said finally.

Hilde got over her shyness very quickly. "What? When?!!"

Duo looked away, "During the war." he said quietly. "About three years ago, before I met you. Just the one time."

Hilde almost stopped breathing. "Was it... nice?"

"Yeah," Duo said sheepishly.

"Was she... pretty?" Hilde felt sick.

"Ummm..." Duo looked everywhere but at her. "Ah..."

"She was, wasn't she?" Hilde said. "What happened to her, did she die?"

"Ah... well... you see..." Duo paused. "It wasn't with a woman."

There was a long pause.

"You mean you're GAY???!!!!" shrieked Hilde.

Downstairs, Heero jerked awake and stared at the ceiling above him. This didn't sound good.

"No! No!" Duo said, his hands up. "I'm not gay! I... We were just fooling around, you know, experimenting. There was no real love there, just affection. It was kind of a male bonding thing." He winced at the terminology.

"Who was it?" Hilde demanded. "A tech? Someone at school?"

Duo flushed bright red and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'Gundam'.

"You had sex with one of the other Gundam pilots???!!!"

Downstairs, Heero blinked.

"Er..." Duo sighed. "Yes. Only once."

"I knew it!" Hilde said. "I knew Quatre was gay!"

"Um, not Quatre."



Hilde caught her breath. "You had sex with Wufei?!!" she said incredulously.

"Er... how do I put this?" Duo said.

"I can't believe that that stiff, stuck-up..."

"I slept with Heero." said Duo.

"... traditional, ultra-conservative... WHAT????!!!!" Hilde shrieked.

"Heero and I had sex once," said Duo. "But it was just a friend thing. Neither of us is gay."

Hilde stared at him a moment. "Heero. Heero Yuy? The perfect soldier? Heero the 'just think of him as a relative' Yuy? Heero 'he's my best friend' Yuy? Heero 'the one that practically lives here' Yuy? You... and him?"

"Yes." said Duo.

"Then all the times he's visited here..." Hilde was in shock.

"NO!" Duo yelled. "Look... We only did it once. That's all. I don't have any feelings for him now except for that of a friend."

"A very CLOSE friend!" Hilde shouted.

"Well yes, but..."

There was a knock at the door.

"Huh?" Hilde and Duo turned to stare at it as it swung open. Heero stood framed in the doorway.

"I think you should tell her about it," he said. "It might clear up any questions she has."

"Er... you don't mind?" asked Duo.

Heero gave him a look and closed the door behind him.

"Of course, if he didn't mind he wouldn't have suggested it." muttered Duo. "Okay, now that I have permission to tell the story, will you hear me out?"

Hilde looked a bit doubtful but nodded.

"Okay then," said Duo. "After Colony 195..."


Duo sat down on his bed with a thump. "Oi oi, what a day!" he cried. "You're such a slave driver Heero! 'Hack this', 'Reload that', 'Get some more explosives', 'Do your homework'. Sheesh!"

Heero entered their shared room and ignored the boys complaints. "We have work to do," he said.

"Yeah yeah yeah," Duo griped. "I know, I know... But is it really necessary to keep an A+ average on top of it all?"

The two boys had been attending this school for the last two weeks. Heero had hacked the records to get them in and had subsequently pretty much taken charge. Duo was willing to put up with this, to a point.

Heero jerked his head to the left, and then the right.

"WHAT is wrong with you?!" Duo demanded. "You've been nodding from side to side ALL DAY!"

Heero glared at him. "Nothing is wrong."

"Nothing my cute little butt," said Duo. "Out with it. Did you injure yourself again? Are you getting a cold? Do you have a concussion? Is there too much starch in your school uniform shirt? WHAT?"

Heero continued to glare and then turned away. "*mumble*"


"I said my neck hurts!" he repeated. "Now if that's all the pointless natter you have on hand can we please get back to planning the next mission?"

"_Where_ does your neck hurt?" Duo asked, springing up from the bed.

"It's not important," Heero insisted.

For a moment, the shadow of Shinigami flashed in Duo's eyes. "Anything that could impair your actions and jeopardise the mission is important." he said coldly. "Where the hell does it hurt?"

Heero paused and then reluctantly tapped the sides of his neck. "Here, and here... it's like a line of fire." he said quietly. "I think I might have picked up some sort of bio-weapon virus."

"Lose the shirt and let me see," said Duo.

Heero rapidly stripped off his school uniform shirt, revealing his normal green tank top beneath.

Duo walked up behind him and examined Heero's neck, then wrapped his hands around it. Heero sprung away and pulled out his gun.

"You moron!" Duo yelled, holding up both hands. "I'm trying to see if your glands are swollen! It could be mumps, or glandular fever or something."

Heero slowly lowered the gun and suffered Duo's poking and prodding.

"Hmm..." said Duo. "Sit down for a moment?"

Heero sat down on the edge of his bed and Duo climbed up behind him. Placing his hands carefully at either side of Heero's neck, Duo began gently stroking up and down. "The pain is from here?" he asked.

"Yes," said Heero, trying not to twitch away.

Duo increased the pressure slowly. Suddenly Heero gasped.

"Ah ha," said Duo. "Just as I thought!"

"What?" Heero demanded.

"Your muscles are tense." said Duo.

"That's ALL???" Heero said incredulously.

"Tense is perhaps not the word," said Duo. "Try, close to snapping." He increased the pressure. "This hurt?"

"No," said Heero coldly.

"Okay, now tell me the truth, does it hurt?"

"Pain is irrelevant."

"In that case you are the biggest irrelevance in the neck I have ever met," Duo told him. "And that is exactly your problem. You're wound up so tight that the stress is causing all this tenseness and pain in your muscles. Let me guess, your shoulders ache sometimes too? Lower back?"

The silence only confirmed his suspicions.

"Hmph," he said. "What YOU need is a serious backrub. Take off your top and lie down on the floor."

"Absolutely not!" Heero stood up and crossed his arms over his green tank top.

Duo hopped off the bed awkwardly and then stalked over to the other boy, menace dripping off him. "You are going to do EXACTLY as I say," he said slowly and carefully. "I am NOT going on a mission with you like this, nor will I let you go by yourself. And don't mistake me Heero, I _can_ stop you if I have to." His eyes glittered with the reflection of a giant scythe and Heero finally looked away.

"Very well," he said in tones of disgust. "But the shirt stays ON!"

"No it doesn't," said Duo. "Come on Heero, you're not glued to it. You've taken it off in the past - I've _seen_ you in other things. Not very often admittedly, but it has been known to happen. Lose it now." Not waiting to see if the other boy obeyed him or not, he headed into the tiny bathroom they shared.

Heero hesitated, and then reluctantly tugged his tank top off over his head and lay down on the floor. He could hear Duo running the taps in the sink, and the sounds of rinsing, but he couldn't work out why.

"Face _down_ Heero." said Duo, reentering. "Spread these out under you first though." He threw the other boy a couple of towels.

"Why?" asked Heero suspiciously.

Duo sighed. "I suppose asking you to trust me is out of the question?" he asked.

The narrowed eyes gave him all the answer he needed. "I'm going to rub you down with a warm, wet soapy towel first." Duo said. "It should relax your muscles enough that I don't break my fingers trying to knead them."

Heero looked even more unhappy but, having committed himself to this action, complied with Duo's demands, propping his head up on his arms.

Duo went back into the bathroom and turned off the hot water which was pouring into the bucket they used for the mop. After some cursing and missing, he finally succeeded in rescuing the soap from the bucket and putting it back on the soap holder, from which it promptly slid into the sink. Ignoring it, he traipsed back into the room. Heero's head snapped up and the look of horror that ever-so-briefly crossed his face at the sight of the towel and bucket almost made Duo laugh out loud. But he wanted to live to see 16 so he kept the amusement inside.

Dipping Heero's towel into the bucket he rubbed it to create a thick lather. After squeezing most of the water out of it, he dropped it onto Heero's back.

Heero gasped as the warm object landed on him with a squelch. It was a very odd feeling. Then Duo started to rub his back with it. He tensed nervously as the rough towel scratched at him, and then relaxed his guard cautiously as Duo rubbed the towel in rhythmic movements all over his back, from the lower spine area at the waist of his trousers right up to his neck, up, down, up, down, up... then across to the left and right over his shoulders, brought in circular movements over the rest of his back, and then up around his neck. Duo paused then and Heero caught his breath, wondering what the other boy was about to do.

Duo gently grasped the ends of the towel and scrubbed carefully up Heero's neck, paying particular attention to the sides, and bringing the towel up to just below the other boys ears. He gently flicked the edges over Heero's earlobes, before returning to work on Heero's shoulders.

Heero began to cautiously relax beneath Duo's efforts. It wasn't so bad after all. His breath hissed out when Duo straddled him to get a better grip on his shoulders as he rubbed more energetically.

"This isn't a good position," he complained. "What if an enemy comes in the door?"

"I'll flick him with the towel," said Duo. "Now be quiet." He was enjoying this. It was nice to finally have Mr Perfect at his mercy and he found himself speculating idly about the origins of the many small scars on Heero's back. He could clearly see the tenseness stored up in Heero's body. His young body, though not bulky, was defined in smooth muscle, and Duo couldn't help but appreciate the sight.

Noticing that the towel was cooling, he removed it and patted Heero dry with a second towel. Then he reached over and picked up the bottle of moisturiser he sometimes used. Rubbing a small amount into his hands to warm it, he began to massage Heero's back and shoulders, occasionally stroking the sides of the neck gently.

Beneath Duo's capable hands, Heero was feeling somewhat unnerved. He wasn't used to this sort of care and it was making him nervous. Without thinking about it he tensed.

Duo frowned as Heero flinched, shifted his weight and position and swatted the other boy across his rear end. "Will you calm down?!"

"I don't like this," said Heero edgily.

Duo immediately stopped and got off him. "What don't you like?" he asked quietly.

Heero raised himself up and sat on his haunches. "This. All this... touching." he said, staring at his hands. "It makes me nervous. I don't like it."

Duo stared at the other boy. "I take it you don't come from a family that was big on hugs."

Heero looked away. "I don't understand all this." he said frankly.

Duo moved himself into Heero's gaze range. "It's a gentle massage of the muscles, in order to relax them and relieve the pain. That's all. Heero, I just want you to be alright. And if you're in pain, you're not alright."

"Why do you care?" Heero asked, puzzled.

Duo gaped at him, and then closed his mouth. "Why? Because you're my friend of course!" He slid himself forward until he was only a few centimetres from Heero. "You need to relax. At the moment we're safe. Neither the Federation nor Oz know where we are. It's a chance to rest up for the next big mission. You know rest right? Sleep, relax, reconnoiter, bathe."

Heero shrugged. Duo sighed and sat back. "I can't believe I'm having to explain this to you! You're Japanese - you should understand the importance of bathing at least. Easing out all the tensions and strains in the bath? You understand?"

Heero looked confused. Duo sighed again. "You don't understand."

"Look Heero, I give you my word that I won't do anything you don't like. I already stopped once already when you said it so you know I mean it, but I think it will help you. And the bit about touching? Touch is important. It lets us humans know that we're not alone. It can give us a great deal of comfort and pleasure." Duo stretched out a hand to Heero.

Heero looked at Duo's hand. Comfort. Pleasure. These were not what he had been trained to do. Slowly, he reached out and touched Duo's hand, held it, stroked it gently with one thumb. Duo's other hand came up to clasp his and he stared for a while at the sight of his hand held within Duo's.

"Touch," he said slowly.

Duo watched him carefully, then carefully moved forward. Watching for any signs of discomfort he freed one hand from the clasp, undid the buttons of his shirt and reached around to hug Heero.

Heero stiffened as Shinigami's pilot nuzzled into his neck and then closed his eyes. He could _feel_ Duo's chest against his, and it was warm... so very very warm. He'd never _been_ warm before. He inhaled deeply and smelt Duo's hair, which smelled like the herbal shampoo he used. Slowly, slowly and gradually, he relaxed into the other boys embrace. They stayed that way for a long time.

Finally Heero moved slightly, and Duo released him. "So, how about that massage?" he asked gently.

In answer, Heero lay back on the towels and closed his eyes.


Crisis averted, Duo found himself too hot in the room. He tugged his shirt off, got some more moisturiser, and prepared to tackle Heero once more. This time however, he took up a position beside the other boy. After fifteen minutes light massage, he leant over and planted his elbow in the base of Heero's spine. Leaning his weight on it, he drew it slowly up Heero's back.

The unexpected pressure brought new sensations into Heero's life as his muscles sighed and released their tensions, and when Duo straddled him again to work his strong fingers into Heero's tense shoulders, he didn't even mutter a complaint.

Duo paused. He'd done pretty much as much as he could on Heero's back and the change was dramatic. The muscles were twitching a little, but they no longer appeared to be carrying the weight of the entire world. Carefully he moved his fingers into Heero's hair and began to gently massage his head, concentrating on the temples but also tracing circles all over it.

Heero's eyes closed and he drifted on the edge of slumber. For the first time in weeks, near months, he was free of pain.

As Duo brought the massage to a close, he felt the need to make some sort of gesture to remind Heero that he wasn't alone. He slowly began to move his body weight forward, and as his hands dropped away from Heero's temples to cover the other boys arms, so he leaned forward and eventually lay across the other boy, weight evenly distributed across Heero's body.

Heero's eyes opened slowly as he felt Duo's breath against his cheek. It was warm, he was light, this... this was wonderful. He shifted slightly.

"You and I, we have been alone for so long," said Duo quietly. "Though we may pretend that our duty, that our Gundams are enough, they're not. They are part of the sacrifices we make to follow the dream we believe in. A Gundam isn't a substitute for real human contact - that which is rare and delicate. In fact, a Gundam is more like a jail that keeps us locked away from the rest of the human race - trapping us inside a shell of our own creation. A protective shell, but also confining. Once entered, a Gundam cannot lightly be left. It represents a responsibility, and also a way of setting apart the operator.

"But we are not in our Gundams now. Soon we will go back there - you to your Unit 01, I to my Shinigami. And I will call my Shin-chan beautiful again, and act to all the world as though it were all I need - the perfect relationship. But on nights when it is cold, and all the heating systems in the world cannot comfort the frozen, barren wastelands of my innermost being, I will be able to remember this moment - right here, right now, when I was able to touch, and be touched. And the memory will warm me where no fire can reach."

After a few more moments of blissful sensation, Duo carefully put his arms on either side of Heero and levered himself up, intending to get off. Beneath him, Heero turned over and stared up at him. Caught in this rather compromising position, Duo could only stare at him, waiting for the inevitable glare or curt word. Instead, Heero reached up with both hands and began to rub _his_ temples. Duo winced as he applied to much pressure and the hands immediately gentled. Then they moved down to his neck, then his chest. Finally they came up behind his shoulder blades and gently pressed down.

Lowering himself onto Heero, Duo closed his eyes and kissed him. Heero closed his eyes, leaned into the kiss, and then caught the other boy in a roll which lead to him lying on top of Duo. Duo stared up at him in surprise as Heero bent down to kiss his forehead.

"Your muscles are tense," he whispered, fingers imitating Duo's earlier as they stroked and rubbed into Duo's warm soft flesh. Duo moaned softly and wriggled around onto his front. Heero stroked the other boys' back and dropped kisses onto his spine as he massaged him. Duo opened his eyes briefly and smiled as Heero proved that he was a quick study.

"Heero," he asked huskily. "How's the rest of you feel?"

"Tense," murmured Heero. "Very tense."

"Mmmm," said Duo, as Heero reached for the bucket of still warm water. "We'll do that next then, ne?"

"Ninmu ryokai."


Hilde stared as Duo ended this story. "And that's it?" she asked.

"Well, no." said Duo. "Do you really want to know what happened next?"

"Uh... no." said Hilde. "That's okay." She paused. "Okay, I guess I can see that. And it was just that one time, right?"

Duo nodded. "So... it's not a problem for you?"

Hilde considered. "Well, I do have one problem."

"What's that?" Duo tried to keep the fear of losing her out of his voice.

She looked at him archly. "You never gave ME a backrub like that!"

Duo blinked, and then smiled lazily. "How's your neck?"

"Sore," said Hilde, leaning in to kiss him. "Very, very, PAINFULLY sore."

The End

Authors Notes:

I wrote this story as a response to all the Gundam Wing yaoi darkfics out there. For some weird reason, damn near all of the yaoi fics I've come across have been quite dark and violent - especially the limes and lemons. As a result of this, even though I'm personally in favour of the Duo/Hilde, Heero/Relena pairings, I decided to do one of Duo and Heero that did not involve rape, drugs or other assorted violence. This is my second yaoi story and my first lime so hopefully it succeeds in its goals. Feedback would be much appreciated.

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