A DNAngel drabble

By Jaelle

Rating: G
Written for the dnangel100 community, the challenge was "books".

The Phantom Thief slid soundlessly down the corridor, ever closer to his goal and, unknowingly, the trap his arch-nemesis had set for him. He avoided the police guards with an ease born of generations of training, and stepped out onto the staircase that spiralled upwards and onwards. Silently, he began the long journey to the top of the tower, every rotation bringing him nearer to his ultimate destiny...

//Wait! I'm not ready!//

Daisuke Niwa sighed and paused while he waited for his partner to catch up.

//One more second... okay, carry on.//

Daisuke turned the page and the adventure recommenced.

Honestly, it was such a pain reading a book with Dark.

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