Out of Ten

By Jaelle
A Detective Conan/Kaitou Kid Drabble

Rating: G. Humour.
Fault: Entirely Icka’s.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

The crowd at the foot of the building went wild as the Kaitou Kid launched himself off the roof, his hang-glider sparkling against the night sky as it was illuminated by the searchlights. Laughing at his success, he turned his head to wave at the police and various detectives who’d tried to prevent his theft... and nearly lost his grip on the glider.

In the midst of the flailing and cursing police forces, Shinichi Kudo, Heiji Hattori and Saguru Hakuba each held up a series of cards.

7.5 - 8.0 - 4.5

Kaito laughed himself sick all the way home.

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