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Sometimes you just fall in love with a show, book, movie or whatever, and just HAVE to write a fanfic. And then sometimes you have nothing more to say. It happens to all of us. And so, this page is dedicated to our "one-shot" (or two-shot) stories. In the event that we ever write more for them, we'll give them their own pages. In the meantime, I hope they entertain you here.


The Army of the Dead

A Pirates of the Caribbean/Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Crossover. Yes, really. Very very VERY silly. Big surprise.

Who Are You?

A CSI/Babylon 5 Crossover. Yes, really. The CSI crew, including Ambassador Kosh Naranek, investigate a suspicious murder.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A new/old obsession which I've only just gotten around to penning a couple of fanfics for. One was conceived, written and posted within three days, the other took about a year from conception to conclusion.

Love and Poetry

Set during season 7, Spike farewells an old flame.

Our House

He's fairly sure it was the projection unit that did it. Xander-centric, post-Chosen.

Slayer Lost

Set in the year 2024, the new Slayer is missing. So, Xander calls Giles to do some catching up.

Final Fantasy

You know, I managed to PLAY Final Fantasy games VII through to X-2 (although not in order :-) without ever having the desire to write fic for any of them (aside from mentions in the odd Kingdom Hearts story), but as soon as FFVII: Advent Children comes along the writing muses all attacked me at once. Sheesh.

Advent Pilots

A Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children/Gundam Wing fusion fic.

My Brother's Things

Kadaj gloats over Cloud's materia

Sense Memory

Kadaj and Cloud relive some memories. But whose memories are they? (Kadaj/Cloud, strong R/NC-17 rating).

Harry Potter

Is there anyone in the world who does not know what this book/movie/merchandising phenomenon is? Didn't think so. Both of us are readers and fans of the books, but Orla is the true fan, to the extent of actually coming up with fanfic for it.

The Path to Happiness

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what you really want. In this future story spanning several years, Padma Patil reflects on love and choices.


I've always liked this show, but recently got addicted all over again and, as a result wound up coming with a couple of scenarios. So far, these are the only ones that've been finished.

The Sword Song, AKA Methos' Address: Always Carry Your Sword

A parody of The Sunscreen Song.

The Watcher's Oath

The history of the most solemn Oath the Watchers take: to observe and record, but never interfere.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts has its own fanfiction index.

Kingdom Hearts


I've been a long-time fan of ReBoot and recently succeeded in getting Orla hooked on it too. Orla's favourite character is the older AndrAIa, whilst mine is the hacker-extraordinaire Mouse, but we both have a soft spot for Matrix. As you can guess, we're particularly fond of season three ReBoot and these stories take place after it ended.

These stories are set after the end of Season Three ReBoot:

House Hunt

Back in Mainframe, Matrix and AndrAIa take a break from planning the attacks on the virus Daemon to search out accommodation. Only problem is, where?

Fire in the Hold

Bob's down for the count due to exhaustion so Matrix and AndrAIa volunteer to take over Game duties. But who the heck invited Hexadecimal along? Panic!

The Zeta Project

I had a very brief fling with this series about an android trying to find his freedom and place in the world. The love affair is over, but the fic lingers on. I hope you like it.


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