Oops Baby
by Orla

Disclaimer: Wufei and Sally belong to Sunrise, Bandai and the other creators/producers of Gundam Wing. Liao, Lian and Shen belong to me, Ashura and Fablespinner.

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AC 213 (China)

Chang Wufei was dreaming. It was a very pleasant dream involving a grassy meadow, warm sun and the scent of his wife's hair as he held her close. Then he opened his eyes and smiled, because it hadn't been a dream, it was a memory.

Wufei rolled onto his back and looked to his left. Sally's side of the bed was empty, but he could hear the faint sound of her movements in the bathroom. Apart from that silence greeted his ears, peace and quiet reigned in a house that hadn't been so quiet for such a long time in thirteen years.

Wufei stretched. He loved his children, they were his pride and joy, but he had never realized how _noisy_ and _intrusive_ two children could be. Liao and Lian weren't as bad as Maxwell's brood, thank the Gods, but it seemed that no sooner were they out of diapers they were running around, getting stuck and lost. Then school started, but that offered no respite as endless questions and problems started. Wufei turned his head and looked at the family portrait that hung on the wall opposite the bed. It was only in the past year or so that Lian and Liao had started becoming more independent and, although Sally was a little chagrined that she was no longer the most important person in their lives, Wufei felt a little relieved. Now, he and Sally could get some personal time and start going on longer missions together. In fact, in the past three weeks they had done two missions as Preventers and then came back for what Sally playfully termed 'a long overdue second honeymoon' after packing the twins off to Heero and Relena.

Getting out of bed, Wufei pulled on a robe and went over to the bathroom door. He was just about to knock and ask Sally if she wanted some tea when there was a sharp cry and a thud from inside.

"Sally?!" Wufei shoved the door open and bolted inside. "What's wrong?"

Sally was sitting on the floor in her long white embroidered robe. Her blond hair was loose around her shoulders and her blue eyes were wide and unseeing. Wufei knelt down, waved a hand in front of her face and then shook her shoulders. "Sally! Sally, talk to me!" He cried urgently. "Are you sick? Hurt?"

"Ah... uh..." she blinked and focused on him. "W-Wufei..."
She put her hands on his and stopped him shaking her. "Wufei... I... Oh God... I don't believe it... I never... it's impossible..."

"WHAT IS IT WOMAN??!!" Wufei was seriously concerned now. It was unlike Sally to be so incoherent and rattled.

Sally swallowed and giggled a little hysterically. "I'm... I'm... Congratulations Wufei! You're a father!" She said.

Wufei frowned. "I _know_ I'm a father!" He snapped. "What I want to know is..." his voice trailed off and he stared at her. "You mean... you're..."

"Pregnant!" Sally giggled again as Wufei's eyes nearly popped out of his head and he sat down on his backside with a thump.


Regaining some of her composure, Sally shot him an exasperated look. "The usual way of course! I think our second honeymoon was a little too successful."

"B-b-but..." Wufei stuttered. "W-we... and... for years... and this hasn't... b-but... you're thirty-eight..."

Sally glared at him. "Thirty _seven_!" She snapped ignoring the fact that her thirty-eighth birthday was only a couple of months away. "Are you saying I'm too old to have another baby?"

"I think we _both_ are!" Wufei said. Then he looked properly at Sally's face and sighed. "But, we'll manage." He said and put his arms around her. "So much for peace and quiet!" He quipped lightly.

Sally lay her head on his shoulder and stroked his back. "Yeah, back to diapers and the terrible twos again." She smiled. "What if it's twins again."

Wufei paled. "Sally... forgive me if I say... I hope _not_! Oh... the twins, we're going to have to tell them."

Sally sighed. "And then Une, Zechs and Noin, and then..." Her list was cut off by Wufei's mouth on hers. They kissed deeply for a long time before parting, Wufei smiling at her.

"I _am_ happy about this, Sally." He said as he lightly stroked her cheek. "I was just a little shocked."

Sally kissed his fingers. "No more than me." She said.
Gently she laid a hand on her flat stomach. "And I'm already looking forward to our little 'oops' baby, no matter what."

AC 218

The classroom was hot and stuffy despite all the windows being open. Twenty five-year-olds sat at their desks, baking in the heat, trying to concentrate on the teacher's words. Miss Ping's hand flowed across the board as she wrote out the simple arithmetic problems, the fact that her head was pounding and her shirt was sticking to her back was not helping her temper and she whirled as a sound reached her ears. Someone was humming, an idle little tune that grated on her ears and seemed to mock her efforts to teach. She scanned the room and her eyes fell on a small boy who was sitting by the window.

Shen Chang watched the birds flitting around the branches of the tree by his window and smiled. He hummed softly a little tune his mother had taught him and swung his legs under his desk. He couldn't wait for lunchtime; his big brother had made all his favourites and lent him a book about China's ancient myths. Yes, eating and reading would be more fun than sitting in this stupid class, listening to the stupid...

"CHANG!" A piece of chalk slammed into his head and bounced off onto the floor.

Wide-eyed, Shen whipped his head away from the window and stared up at Miss Ping who was looming over him. Her face was contorted with anger and he swallowed.

"This is a maths class, Chang!" She scowled. "Not a daydream class! This is the fourth time this week that I've caught you not paying attention. I won't tolerate laziness in here! Go and stand in the hall!"

"But..." Shen moved to show her his work.

"NOW!!" Miss Ping grabbed his ear and hauled him out of his seat. "Go and contemplate your disgraceful conduct and realise the shame your laziness will bring on your family when they see how badly you do in your lessons!"

"Ow!" Shen struggled as he was dragged out of the room. "Miss Ping, I hav..."

"Silence!" Miss Ping half-flung him against the wall. "Now, stay there!" She snapped and went back into the classroom and slammed the door.

Shen scowled after her and contemplated kicking the wall. No, that would only get him in more trouble. He sighed and leaned against the wall, rubbing his sore ear. Stupid Miss Ping... she never listened! If she did then he could tell her that he knew all the answers to her dumb questions.

"What have you done this time, Mr. Chang?"

Shen turned and looked into the eyes of the Assistant Principal, Mrs Lee. She was smiling at him and he smiled back.

"I was looking out of the window in class, Ma'am." He told her politely. "Miss Ping didn't like it."

"No, I don't imagine she did." Mrs Lee frowned slightly. "Didn't you like the lesson?"

Shen dropped his gaze and traced a pattern on the lino with his toes. "I was bored..., he said in a small voice. "I knew the answers ages ago..."

"Hmmm..." Mrs Lee tapped her lower lip with her forefinger. "Shen, wait here for a moment." She opened the door to Miss Ping's classroom and went inside.

Shen pressed his ear to the door, but he couldn't hear anything. His heart beat quickly. Mrs Lee was a good friend of his Mother's, perhaps she was telling Miss Ping off for being so mean to her friend's child? He grinned and leaned against the wall again, losing himself in a daydream that involved Miss Ping being dragged out by _her_ ear!

Mrs Lee came out alone and smiled at Shen again. "Come with me, Shen." She said. "We'll go to my office."

Shen's heart plummeted to the soles of his trainers. Miss Ping had convinced Mrs Lee that he was a bad person and now he was in trouble.

"We're just going to have a little talk," said Mrs Lee taking his hand. "And I have some orange juice, would you like some? It's just the thing on a hot day like this."

Shen's heart began to inch back up at her words. He grinned at her and they walked up to her office on the first floor of the school.

Soon Shen was comfortably ensconced in a chair opposite Mrs Lee and was drinking the orange juice with relish. Today was looking decidedly brighter and he was glad now that he had been thrown out of class.

"Shen," Mrs Lee leaned on her desk and regarded him. "Your inattentiveness in class has been noted by teachers other than Miss Ping..."

Shen eyed her over the top of the glass and wondered where this was going.

"But not one has complained that you don't do your schoolwork, in fact you do it very well." Mrs Lee pursed her lips. "Miss Ping thinks that your elder brother has been helping you."

Shen choked on his juice. "She's wrong!" He cried, tears started in his eyes. "Liao don't... doesn't help me! I do it ALL MYSELF!!" He coughed as the juice went up his nose.

Mrs Lee came around to him and patted his back, removing the juice from his hand. "Alright, alright, I believe you." She said soothingly. "But it is unusual, don't you think? How many of your friends get perfect answers all the time?"

Shen swallowed. "No one..." he whispered. "And I don't have friends... they hate me."

Mrs Lee sighed. "I'm beginning to see the problem..." She smiled reassuringly. "Shen, would you like to take a little test? It may help us to make you happier in your classes."

"That'd be a miracle test!" Shen giggled. "Okay, I'll try."


"He's _what_?" Wufei dropped his armful of disks onto the floor at Sally's words.

"He's got an IQ of 250." Sally told him again. "Jenny Lee did an IQ test on him today and said he was nearly off the scale." She rubbed her forehead. "I can't believe that we didn't pick up on it..."

Wufei shook his head. "I just thought he was a fast learner like Liao and Lian, they're both intelligent, but not at this level..." he took the report from Sally and scanned it quickly. "Why the hell didn't Shen _say_ that he was finding his classes boring? He didn't pipe up when you were called in to deal with him playing up in class two weeks ago."

Sally looked distressed. "I ask myself the same thing." She said. "I'm his _Mother_, he used to talk to me all the time before he went to school! Why can't he talk to me now? I could've helped him sooner!"

"Mother? Father?"

Wufei and Sally looked over to the door. Lian and Liao stood there looking guilty. Wufei folded his arms.
"You two have been conspiring again?" He asked sternly.

Liao sighed. "You and Mother were so busy this last month with uploading the new computer system for the Preventers and... uh..."

"We thought we could help Shen!" Lian blurted. "I mean... we're his older siblings..."

"You should have said _something_!" Wufei snapped.

Sally laid a hand on his arm. "Wufei... don't yell. They only wanted to help." She smiled at Lian and Liao. "I know that we were busy, but if there is a problem that concerns Shen or either of _you_, then your Father and I would rather here about it _right away_."

Liao nodded. "Yes Mother, we won't keep secrets again."

Shen sidled into the room; he was clutching his teddy bear to his chest. He looked at the serious expressions on the faces of his family and his lower lip trembled. Sally gave a little cry and gathered him up in her arms.

"Don't cry sweetheart!" She urged him. "It's okay, we're not mad at you or Liao and Lian!"

"Am I a freak?" Shen asked her, his voice muffled as his head was buried in her shoulder.

"Absolutely not!" Wufei laid a hand on his son's hair. "You're just smart... like your Mother."

Shen lifted his head and looked at Wufei. "Like Mama?"

"Yes," Wufei's face relaxed into a soft smile. "Your Mother is very clever you know. When she was around Lian and Liao's age she was a surgeon and then a leader who saved alot of people's lives."

Sally blushed. "Wufei..." He shot her a warm look and she smiled.

Lian and Liao grinned at each other. "Well, we knew the brains had to come from _someone_." Lian joked. "And I was pretty sure that it wasn't Father!"

"Yes, but your reckless attitude isn't from Mother!" Liao thumped his sister's arm.

Wufei mock-scowled at them. "Are you being disrespectful to your Father?!" He demanded.

Lian giggled. "Sorry, Father." She grabbed Liao's arm and dragged him away. "We'll go and think deeply on our dishonourable actions!"

"Hn!" Wufei snorted. "What did I do to deserve such children?"

Shen giggled and reached out a hand to his Father. "I love you, Papa."

Wufei turned and encircled Sally and Shen in his arms. "And I love you, son."

Sally smiled. "We both do, Shen. It wouldn't matter to us if you had three arms," she said, her eyes twinkling. "You're our child and we love you, no matter what."

Shen hugged her. "Do I have to go back to school?" He asked. "I don't wanna go back to Miss Ping's class... she hates me..."

Wufei patted Shen's back. "Don't worry, you'll be going to another school, one which you'll find alot more interesting."

Two months later:

Shen swallowed against his nerves as he got out of the car and looked at his new school. It was a brick red building and there was a plaque that read: 'Saint Gabriel School'.

"This was your Aunt Relena's school once," his Mother put a hand on his shoulder. "They run alot of different classes and activities here that will keep you from getting distracted."

"You're so lucky," Liao sighed. "This place houses an extensive library..."

"You and your books!" Lian scoffed. "It's the athletic activities that I envy Shen!"

"Both have merits." Wufei said smiling down at Shen. "You just choose what you want to do and be happy."

Shen grinned. "I will, Father!" And he pushed open the doors.


The End

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