Out of Character 3:
Nokoru Imonoyama
A short silly CCD fanfic
by Jaelle

*flips fan* Disclaimer:

The characters herein belong to CLAMP, and CLAMP alone, I am merely a vessel for insanity involving their characters and mean no infringement upon their sacred ownership.

The figure slunk out of the shadows and sprinted across the courtyard. Suddenly, huge spotlights flipped on and illuminated him.

"Argh!" he cried. Two boys rushed out in front of him and grabbed his arms as he brought them up to shield his eyes.

"Just as I thought," a sweet voice spoke. "The criminal returned to the scene of his crime."

The criminal lowered his arms and glared at the golden-haired boy now standing before him. Two girls flanked him on either side, glaring as one.

"Sabotaging the girls' gymnastics gear is a crime I cannot forgive!" Nokoru Imonoyama proclaimed, flipping open his fan. Suoh Takamura and Akira Ijyuin gripped the man's arms tighter as their Kaichou approached.

"You might have even gotten away with it had you tidied up properly the first time... Aikawa-san!" Nokoru pointed his fan at the man. There was a startled gasp from the rest of the group.

"Aikawa-san?" Nagisa Azuya and Utako Ohkawa repeated dumbly, their eyes widening.

Reaching up, Suoh wrenched the balaclava off the figure.

There was a pause.

"Um, Kaichou. It's not Aikawa-san." Suoh said slowly.

"Ah ha ha," Nokoru laughed. "Well, that'll teach me to make wild guesses."

There was a loud thud as the group facefaulted.

The End

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