Out of Character 2:
Suoh Takamura
A short silly CCD fanfic
by Jaelle

*flips fan* Disclaimer:

The characters herein belong to CLAMP, and CLAMP alone, I am merely a vessel for insanity involving their characters and mean no infringement upon their sacred ownership.

Nokoru Imonoyama leaned out further. "Little closer... little closer..." His hands reached his target. "Aha!"

"Yay!" cheered a voice from below as he snagged the hat.

Grinning, he looked down, just as he felt an ominous crack below.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" He yelled as the branch he was standing on snapped. Branches whizzed past him as he fell.

With a thud, he landed on something soft.

"Owww..." He sat up.

"Kaichou!" A voice wheezed from below him.

"Suoh!" Nokoru scrambled up off his best friend and personal bodyguard. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Suoh Takamura said, standing up slowly. He took a deep breath, then glared at his Kaichou sternly. "Kaichou! Please be more careful!" He scolded. "You could have been severely injured!"

"Sorry Suoh," Nokoru apologised with a smile. "But a lady was in distress!" Smiling, he turned and proffered the hat, still in his grip although somewhat battered, to the little blonde girl beside him.

"Oh thank you," she whispered. "You were so brave to climb all the way up there."

"Not at all!" Nokoru beamed at her. "Goodbye!" He waved after the little girl, who ran to join her two friends.

"Kaichou, why didn't you wait for me?" Suoh demanded exasperatedly. "You KNOW full well how unathletic you are!"

"Ah but Suoh," a mock smile spread over Nokoru's face. "When a lady is in distress, how can I wait to solve her problems? And when a lady is unhappy, how can I wait to ease her sorrow? And when a lady has lost her hat up in a tree, how can I wait for someone else when it's so easy to just climb up and get it." He rubbed his back. "Though the trip down wasn't so good."

"Kaichou!" Suoh yelled. "You... you..." His face blew up alarmingly.

Nokoru wondered if he had finally gone too far. Last time he had put himself into jeopardy, he had been confined to the Council rooms for the rest of the day. The time before that, Suoh had scolded him for the better part of an hour. And the time before THAT, the paperwork had almost filled the Council Room to the brim. He shuddered to think what the ninja secretary would think up this time.

"You..." Suoh suddenly threw his hands up into the air and screamed. "BIG DUMB MORON!" Then he burst into laughter.

*Oh dear,* thought Nokoru. *I think he's lost it. Maybe I landed on him too hard.*

"Not... not so good on the way down... hahahahahahaha..." Suoh clasped his sides and laughed and laughed and laughed. Tears ran down his cheeks. "Not so good on the way down!!!!"

Suddenly grabbing Nokoru's head, Suoh administered a good noogie, and then released the other boy. "Ah, what a beautiful day it is!" He declared, walking off.

Nokoru gaped after him. "What... what the heck???"

The End

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