Out of Character 1:
Akira Ijyuin
A short silly CCD fanfic
by Jaelle

*flips fan* Disclaimer:

The characters herein belong to CLAMP, and CLAMP alone, I am merely a vessel for insanity involving their characters and mean no infringement upon their sacred ownership.

Rated PG-13 for language.

"Kaichou," Suoh Takamura pleaded. "Will you PLEASE do your paperwork."

"Ah Suoh," Nokoru Imonoyama fanned himself gently. "I will! But it's just so beautiful outside..."

"Oh for FUCK'S sake Kaichou!" Akira Ijyuin yelled. "Will you just do the FUCKING paperwork!!!"

Stunned silence.

"W... what did you just say Ijyuin?" Suoh asked in a weak voice.

Akira blinked at him. "I said, 'It's just like Kaichou to want to admire nature's beauty'."

"Oh!" Nokoru and Suoh stared at him.

"Of... of course that's what you said!" Nokoru sighed in relief. "For a moment there I thought... ummm..."

Akira blinked at them both. "Thought what?" he asked.

Nokoru and Suoh exchanged glances. Naaahhh...

"You know," said Nokoru. "Perhaps I _will_ do that paperwork."

"Yes. Work." Suoh agreed.

Without a further word the two boys went straight to their respective desks and began working as hard as they could.

Akira turned away and began to prepare the tea, a small smile playing on his lips. He'd been wanting to do that for YEARS!!!

The End.

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