Musical Interlude

A One Piece Fanfic

By Jaelle

Rating: G. Humour.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Setting and Spoiler Warning: Just after the crew gains their seventh member.

Summary: Luffy explains why he wants a musician on the crew so badly.

The "Welcome to the Crew, Robin" celebration was winding down and the crew of the Going Merry were sprawled comfortably across the deck in various stages of drunken relaxation.

"Seven now," Luffy said smugly, chewing absently on a bone. "Only three more to go!" He grinned. "And I know just who we need next! We've done without one for far too long. Next we really need to find... a musician!"

Zoro snorted quietly and closed his eyes, preparatory to a nice nap. The others either sighed or groaned, too relaxed to yell.

Nico Robin looked inquiringly at her new Captain. "Why is it so important that we get a musician?"

Having occasionally wondered this themselves, the rest of the crew forced themselves to sit up and listen to the reply.

Luffy waved his arms energetically. "Because every pirate ship needs a musician!"

"But why?" Usopp decided to get involved. "You always say we need one, but what for, really?"

Luffy looked at him blankly, as though the answer should be obvious. "For background music."

"To what?"

"Our singing of course!"

Zoro and Sanji both choked. "Singing???"

"Sure," Luffy's grin widened. "Can't you just see it?"

Wavy lines filled the air as Luffy's imagination took hold.


Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy pointed majestically towards the open sea. "Forward, my faithful crew! Onwards to adventure!"

The crew scrambled to their posts as their Musician began playing a jaunty tune. Stepping up to the prow, Luffy began to sing.

"When the course is laid and the anchor's weighed
A sailor's blood begins racing,
With our hearts unbound and our flag unfurled
We're under way and off to see the world!"

Everyone grinned and cheerfully echoed him, before joining in with a rousing chorus:

"Under way and off to see the world!

Hey ho we'll go
Anywhere the wind is blowing!"

Sanji and Zoro threw their arms around each other.


"The hell we would!"

"What he said."


"Manly men are we!" They crooned, and Nami and Robin stepped up to either side of them for the next part:

"Sailing for adventure on the deep blue sea!"


"Well, that first line's true at least."

"Ah, Miss Robin and Miss Nami would sing so beautifully."

"Thank you Sanji-kun."


In the crow's nest, Usopp pointed into the distance, "Storm dead ahead!"

Below Luffy laughed. "I fear no storm!" The music swelled and he sang once more:

"Danger walks the deck, we say what the heck!
We laugh at the perils we're facing!
Every storm we ride is its own reward!"

Chopper looked nervously in the direction of the dark clouds. "And people die by falling overboard," he reminded Luffy.

Everyone agreed with him, "People die by falling overboard!

Hey ho we'll go
Anywhere the wind is blowing!
Hoist the sails and sing!
Sailing for adventure on the big, blue wet thing!"

Their Entertainment-Supervisor-and-Comedian stepped forward.


"Our what-what-WHAT-what???"

"Entertainment-Supervisor-and-Comedian. Why, do you think the title's too long?"

"The title is not the problem! Are you a complete idiot? What would we do with one of those?!"

"But Naaamiiii..."



Their former Entertainment-Supervisor-and-Comedian-and-now-something-else stepped forward:

"I love to see 'em cry when they walk the plank,
I prefer to cut a throat
I love to hang 'em high and watch their little feet try
to walk in the air while their faces turn blue..."

Everyone turned to regard them nervously, and they grinned.

"Just kidding!
It's a good life on a boat."

Everyone laughed.


"See, that's why we need..."


"You don't all have to yell so loud."

"Yes, we do!"

"When do I get to sing?"

"You're coming up soon Usopp."

"You WANT to sing?"

"Ha, I bet you didn't know that I have an amazing voice. Great Opera Singers have begged me for lessons."


"He's lying!"


Robin traced her finger over a piece of parchment covered with odd writing:

"There are distant lands with burning sands
That call across the oceans."

Their former Entertainment-Supervisor-and-Comedian-and-now-looking-for-a-different-job waved a piece of paper around:

"There are bingo games every fun-filled day!"

The Bartender joined in, "And Margaritas at the midnight buffet!"

Everyone cheered, "Margaritas at the midnight buffet!"



"I like that one."

"You would."

"Midnight buffet... Hey, Sanjiiii..."


"There will be no midnight buffet, and no Bartender."

"Shouldn't the Captain be making that decision, not you?"

"THERE WILL BE NO BARTENDER!!! Don't make me call in your debts!!!"



The remaining crew sang enthusiastically,

"Hey ho we'll go
Anywhere the wind is blowing!"

The former Bartender and Entertainment-etc person looked depressed, "Should have took a train!"

But they were drowned out by everyone else: "Sailing for adventure on the bounding main!"

Usopp leaned on the edge of the crow's nest and sang quietly:

"The salty breezes whisper
Who knows what lies ahead?
I just know I was born to live the life my father led!"

Nami looked over her maps:

"The stars will be our compass
Wherever we may roam!"

Luffy turned and gazed at his crew:

"And our mates will always be
Just like a family!"

Chopper stood beside him and suddenly burst out, "And though we may put into port, the sea is always hooooome!"


"That was pretty cool."

"Thank you!"

"Oi... you guys..."


The crew gathered together in a group:

"We'll chase our dreams standing on our own
Over the horizon to the great unknown!

Hey ho we'll go
Anywhere the wind is blowing
Bold and brave and free!"

Nami grinned, "Sailing for adventure!"

The two now-unemployed crew members sulked, "It's so nauseating."

Sanji handed out drinks, "Sailing for adventure!"

Chopper laughed, "So exhilarating!"

Robin nodded solemnly, "Sailing for adventure!"

Zoro and Usopp raised their mugs high, "We're all celebrating!"

They all joined together for the final line:

"On the deep blue sea!"

The Musician finished playing with a triumphant flourish as the crew laughed and hugged each other.


"And that's why we need a musician," Luffy finished, as the wavy air dissipated. "Now do you understand?"

The crew exchanged glances with each other, and nodded in total agreement as they got to their feet.

"Why is everyone looking like that? Guys? Guys? Hey... what are you doing? Put me down! This is mutiny! Hey... HEY!!!"



Credits: The song, "Sailing For Adventure", is from Muppet Treasure Island.

Author's Notes: But they really DO need a musician... can't you just see Luffy singing, "I Am The Pirate King", or Sanji performing, "The Love Boat"?

*The crew descends on Jaelle and throws her overboard as well*.

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