The Morning After

A FMA Fanfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Pairings: Yes.

Rating: PG.

Category: Parody.

Roy Mustang woke slowly and lazily turned his head to regard the young man in bed with him.

Blonde hair cascaded over the pillows and he took a moment to appreciate the innocent expression on the boy’s face as he slept.

It was funny, he thought, how a relationship could come out of such strange circumstances. For years, this boy had just been a tool, his obsession with restoring himself and his brother a useful method of keeping them under control and serving his purposes.

But after their success, he had been forced to deal with them on a more adult level, and they had responded to their new lives with a more relaxed attitude and a lowering of barriers, which had eventually led him to be here, in bed, naked, with Elric.

The younger man stirred.

“Good morning,” Roy purred contentedly. “Sleep well?”

The other man jerked and glanced at the clock. “Oh no, it’s that late already? My brother...”

“Is visiting your friend Winry,” Roy said, kissing him gently. “And most likely won’t be back for days. So we have plenty of time to ourselves.” He smirked, “Whatever shall we do with it all?”

“We could get up and do some work.”

“I have a much better idea,” Roy said, nuzzling at his shoulder meaningfully. “You’ll enjoy it. Trust me.”

“Oh alright,” Alphonse Elric sighed. “But I don’t know WHAT my brother will do if he ever finds out about this.”


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