By Jaelle

Disclaimer: All the characters herein belong to the one and only Gosho Aoyama. Damn.

"Urgh... would whoever that is please get their elbow out of my face?"

"Sorry," Ran shifted. "That better?"

"Yes," Conan sighed.

"NO!" Hakuba squeaked.

"Shut up and hold still!" Sonoko hissed. "Aoko, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, how about you Kazuha?"

"Okay, but I think we may have crushed Heiji."

There was an ominous creak.

"Still... breathing..."

"I'm coming in now!" Akako announced.

More creaking followed by some bouncing and shuddering.

"Mind your feet!" Hakuba requested as the witch joined the group. "Who else is still waiting?"

"The Detective kids, oh, never mind, they're crawling in now. But Yukiko has convinced Sato to join in and now they're both trying to get Takagi in as well."

"Oh God, we're gonna die!" Hakuba moaned. "Whose stupid idea was it to see how many people could fit into Professor Agasa's mini?"

"Kaito's," Conan gritted out.

"I'm going to _get_ him for this," Hakuba swore.

"Taken... care of..." Heiji assured him from his position beneath the group.


"He's... underneath me..."

There was a muffled whimper.

Crushed, cramped, and squashed together though they were, everyone managed a cruel smile at the sound. Until it was drowned out by a far greater, and much more horrifying concern...

"I have to go."


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