A FMA Drabble

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine. Really

The taller man stared down at the young, blonde Alchemist.

"Ooooh, look at the micro-chibi," he taunted. "Just look at him! He's so tiny, just like a bean! So insignificant I could step on him and squash him! He's so small, I'd have to look at him through a microscope just to see him!"

There was a long pause as Edward Elric stared at him, and then burst into tears. "Someone..." he sobbed. "Someone actually SAID it this time!"

Then he punted the other man into low-earth orbit, and never over-reacted when people made comments about his height ever again.

A/N: *snerks* Cos SOMEONE'S gotta say that stuff SOMEDAY! This one's an actual drabble! (100 words).

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