A Memory From That Day Three Summers Ago
A CLAMP School Detectives Fanfiction
by Jaelle

*flips fan* Disclaimer:

The characters herein belong to CLAMP, and CLAMP alone, I am merely a vessel for insanity involving their characters and mean no infringement upon their sacred ownership.

Akira Ijyuin walked slowly down the corridor to the Elementary Division Council room. It had been a week now since Kaichou and Takamura-senpai had referred to "that day three summers ago" and then clammed up, Kaichou with a mischevious grin and Takamura-senpai with a blushing face. Since then he'd been questioning them about it, but hadn't gotten anywhere. Yet. He was patient... he could wait.

A small smile spread across his face and he had to pause a moment so as not to let any of the biscuits on the plate he was carrying slip off. He'd left Kaichou and Takamura-senpai arguing (as usual) and had gone off to get snacks. On the way out, he had heard Kaichou distinctly say, "Suoh, speaking of that day three summers ago, there's something I've been meaning to..." He hoped that this meant he'd find out what happened.

He paused outside the door to carefully juggle plate into one hand so the other could get the door handle.

"Ouch! Suoh! That hurts! You're too rough!"

He froze.

"Kaichou please, keep your voice down."

"But it HURTS!"

"Alright alright, wait a minute. How's that?"

"Mmmm... that's much better. Continue, please."

"Are you _enjoying_ this?"

"Of course! Careful... careful... now you KNOW that's unfair."

"Kaichou... YOU are the one who wanted me to do this. YOU are the one who asked. Stop complaining!"

"But Suoh..."

"Fluttering your eyelashes isn't going to work on _me_ Kaichou."

"I was NOT fluttering them - I have something in my eye."

"A likely tale. Let me see."

Pause. Akira stood dithering outside the door. Should he go in?

"You do not have anything in your eye Kaichou. Now let's get this over with... will you please stop wriggling? It's very off-putting."

"Ah! Ah! Suoh! My nose _itches_."

"Too bad. You will just have to get it yourself."

"Not in _this_ position I can't."

"Well I can't reach it from here either."


"No! You asked for this, now you're going to get it. Hold still! Stop squirming and it will all be over soon."

Akira opened the door. "I'm back..." he said timidly, eyes half-closed. He could just see Takamura-senpai kneeling beside Kaichou's chair, a length of rope in his hands.

"I-Ijyuin! Close the door quickly!" Takamura-senpai stammered, going red.

"Ah Akira! Thank goodness you're here! Could you possibly scratch my nose for me? Then you're next."

"K-Kaichou?" Akira opened his eyes wide and blinked in surprise as he watched Suoh, blushing, finish knotting the rope around Kaichou's feet. He stood up and regarded his handiwork.

Nokoru was firmly tied hand and foot to his chair. Handcuffs completed his binding but it didn't seem to bother him at all as he beamed at Akira.

"W...what?" Akira finally asked dumbly.

"Oh, I remembered that I'd always meant to have Suoh teach me how to escape if I was ever tied or handcuffed, so I got him to run through a few basic techniques. As a test I have to free myself from this rather standard binding." He looked at Suoh.

"Suoh, don't you think it would be a good thing if Akira-kun also learnt some of these tricks. It might be useful as detectives."

Suoh went bright red. "Perhaps another day." he mumbled. How did Kaichou talk him into these things? "Now Kaichou, please remember what I told you and free yourself."

"Hmmmm..." Nokoru mused. "Now, let me see..."

There was a pause. Both Akira and Suoh sweatdropped.

"Oh dear. I seem to have forgotten." Nokoru announced brightly.

Both boys facefaulted painfully into the carpet. Akira just managed to prevent any of the biscuits from falling off the plate.

"Oh, what's that Akira?" Nokoru asked suddenly.

"Ch-chocolate chip and almond biscuits..." Akira managed.

"Yay!" Nokoru stood up abruptly, handcuffs and rope practically falling off him. "Shall we have some tea too? Then Suoh, you can teach me the HARD knots."

"Me too! Me too!" Akira yelled happily. He paused. "But how does this relate to three years ago?"

"Never mind Ijyuin."

The End.


This story was inspired by me thinking about the first meeting of Nokoru and Casablanca, where Suoh frees himself from his handcuffs, and then that reminded me of the second meeting of Nokoru and Casablance, when _he_ suddenly frees himself from his handcuffs, saying that he'd asked Suoh how to do it, which I guess he must have done between the two episodes. It was also vaguely linked with me joining up to the CLAMP Bistro mailing list, where they're mostly anti-yaoi. And then it just... mutated.

*Jaelle runs for it*

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