Mars Revenge
by Orla and Jaelle

Part Two of Five

This is a fanfic based on the original work by Naoko
Takeuchi, whose pink heart wands we are not fit to lick.
Even though she came up with Chibiusa (*hoick*).

A note, our Phobos and Deimos are not the Phobos and
Deimos of the manga story, they are our original

This story takes place during Sailor Moon Stars, after
the Inner Senshi have found out that the Three Lights
are the Starlights.

This is based on the anime version, in which the Three
Lights are male (until they transform anyway).

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Day Two:

Seiya slowly opened his eyes and yawned. *What a weird
dream* he thought. He sat up, rubbing his eyes. *Well,
better get up if I want to beat Yaten to the shower, he
takes sooo long and uses up all the hot water!*

Seiya crawled out of the bed and shuffled towards his
bedroom door, and promptly fell over the bed in his path.


"Nan... ?!"

Seiya was punched onto the floor. Fully awake now he
looked up and saw Taiki glaring down at him from his bed.

"Baka!" growled Taiki. "What are you doing in my room?"

"_Your_ room? This is mine! What is your _bed_ doing in

"Listen you... " Taiki's voice trailed off as memory kicked
in. "Oh, that's right."

"That's right what?"

"We're in New York."

Seiya lept to his feet. "You had that dream too?"

Taiki rolled his eyes. "How did I get such an idiot for
a brother?" he asked the world in general. "Wake up,
Seiya! Yesterday was _not_ a dream!"

Unnoticed by the two, Yaten had woken up and glancing at
them with a smile, he got out of bed and headed for the

Both Seiya and Taiki jumped when they heard the door slam.
Taiki looked over at Yaten's empty bed and groaned.

"Great! Thanks to your stupidity Yaten has the bathroom!"

"Shut up!" Seiya ran over to the bathroom door and pounded
on it. "Yaten get out of there!"

"Get real!" Yaten shot back.

"Yaten! I have to... I have to... well, you know!"

"Control yourself then."


"Use one of the others."

Taiki shook his head as he watched Seiya bolt out of the
room. "That baka." he said to himself. "He forgot to put
a top on."


Rei scratched her head and yawned as she made her way to
the bathroom. *Looks like it will be a good day.* she mused
as she stretched. *Wonder where the most expensive place
to have breakfast is.*


Rei blinked as a screaming topless Seiya tore past her at
a speed approaching terminal velocity. He was being hotly
pursued by Minako who was weilding a back scrubber.

"Seiya-chan! I'll wash your back for you!" she yelled.

Rei sweatdropped. *Okay* She shook her head and mentally
wished Seiya all the luck in the world. As she reached
the bathroom Minako came back looking disappointed.

"Did he escape?" Rei asked.

Minako glared. "You'd think he'd want a pretty girl to
scrub his back." she grumbled. "He made it into the blue

Rei's eyes widened. "But... but... Usagi's in there!"

"HENTAI!!!!!!!" *smash* *crash* *bang*. "Dumpling, it's
not like that! IT WAS A MISTAKE!!!!!!"


Seiya wandered back through despondently. His eyes were
both blackened, and he had a large lump on his head. He
also smelt of roses. Rei and Minako tried not to laugh.

"Why don't you just use your OWN bathroom?" Rei asked.

"Yaten's already IN there." Seiya grumbled.

"Surely he must be finished by now!" said Minako.

"Doubtful. HIGHLY doubtful."

Rei smiled and stood aside, waving him towards the other
bathroom. Seiya's eyes brightened. "Honto? ARIGATO!" he
tore into the bathroom.

*Twenty five minutes later*

Rei leant against the corridor wall outside the bathroom.
*_He's_ got a nerve complaining about _Yaten's_ speed!*


After a massive breakfast in the hotel restaurant, the
group headed out, full of waffles, pancakes, orange
juice and ice cream sundaes (hey, this is a group of
sixteen year olds you know. If you were sixteen (or are
sixteen) and had unlimited room service what would _you_
eat for breakfast?).

There was a brief, and rather violent, argument about
where they were going to go.

"Empire State Building!"

"Statue of Liberty!"


"Shut up Yaten!"


"The library!"


"I thought it was a good idea."

"Shut up Taiki." Rei glared. "We are here to have FUN!"

Ami and Taiki exchanged glances. What were the others
talking about? Going to the library and studying WAS fun.

Rei consulted her elaborate tourist map. It wasn't a very
good map, but it would make a wonderful souvenir. And it
had been very touristy (ie. overpriced).

"I vote for... the United Nations HQ!" she said. "That
should satisfy everyone... for a little while. Education
AND tourism."

"Shall we get a taxi?" asked Makoto.

"Taxi hell! I've got the limo waiting." said Rei.

"Ooooh! Dibs on the seat by the minibar!" yelled Minako,
plunging in.

[We're turning her into an alcoholic. - Orla.
Maybe she just wants to get at the snacks. Honey roasted
peanuts... mmmmmm.... - Jaelle.
That's all you think about, your stomach. - O.
Untrue, I think about _other_ people's stomachs as well.
- J.
Yeah, like Seiya in the shower. - O.
Hey, let's keep it clean, kids could be reading this. - J]


The trip to the United Nations was brief and eventful. It
had started out well, but then the fateful occurence
befell them.

"Oh wow, look! It's the Secretary-General!" said Ami.

"Where?" said Taiki. "Whoah. So cool."

"What are you talking about?" demanded Yaten. "_Look_ at
his tie. That is the most repulsive-looking tie I have
ever seen on this, or any other, world. And that is quite
obviously a wig he is wearing."

Dead silence.

"Uhm... Yaten-kun. The translators are still working."
said Makoto, pointing to the earplug the Secretary-General
was wearing. He was turning an odd shade of red.

*Five minutes later*

"The embarrassment!" Taiki moaned. "Thrown out of the UN

"Well! I ask you, I mean, _we_ are the ones who defend
this miserable excuse for a planet. I don't know why he
had to get all offended like that!" said Yaten, crossing
his arms.

"What's this WE stuff?" demanded Rei. "You Starlights are
just a bunch of freeloaders passing through."

"Hey, if it weren't for us, you so-called defenders of
love and justice would be pancakes by now."

"MMmmmmm... pancakes." said Usagi. Everyone sweatdropped.

Lightning flashed between Yaten and Rei as they glared at
each other. Everyone plastered themselves against the walls
of the limosine. Finally the tension penetrated the walls
surrounding Planet Usagi.

"Hey hey guys! Calm down! Remember, we're here to have
fun! And empty out Rei's fathers pockets! Ne, Rei-chan?"

Rei took a deep breath. "You're right. We'll settle this
back in Japan." she looked at Yaten. "Truce?"

"Truce." he nodded.

"Alright then."

Everyone let out their breaths in a huge sigh.

"So," said Ami brightly. "What shall we do now?"

"Well... considering our location..."


Moments plucked from a day of fun:

On the Staten Island Ferry, the senshi all collapse in
helpless laughter as Yaten criticises the pose of the
Statue of Liberty.

"What a stupid pose. I mean, what does it look like to

"I know what it looks like!" giggled Makoto. She struck
the pose. "Liberty Power MAKEUP!" The entire group succumb
to helpless laughter.

"You know, that torch could be a pretty deadly weapon,"
said Seiya.

"Are we going to go up?" asked Ami.

"Do you want to?"

Ami considered it. "Pass for the moment. Let's move on,
shall we."


On top of the Empire State Building, Usagi and Minako run
over to the opposite side from the others. After some
urging, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and jumps off,
proving that she _can_ fly with those wings. Minako cheers
her on when the others walk around the corner and gasp in

"Usagi! Get back down here! What if someone were to see

"Look look, I'm a bird, I'm a plane, I'm SUPER-USAGI!"

"Dumpling! We can see your panties!"



Wandering through Central Park, the group are attacked by
muggers. The Three Lights transform and send the muggers
on their way through judicious application of their

"AND DON'T COME BACK!" Makoto shouted after them.


Further on in Central Park, the group giggle and point as
Yaten, attempting to entice some of the squirrels to eat
out of his hand, is buried in a small avalanche of the
furry creatures.


"It's his animal magnetism," Minako said.



"Ah!" Rei fumed. "This is pathetic! It's lunchtime and
we haven't done ANYTHING!"

"What do you mean?" asked Ami. "We've done nothing but
DO things!"

"I mean we haven't spent any money!" yelled Rei. "How
are we going to get my father, if we don't do any

"But I'm HUNGRY!" wailed Minako and Usagi.

"Why don't we go to Chinatown," said Taiki. "There are
some good restaurants there apparently and we can do
some shopping there as well."

Rei huffily agreed. Yaten touched her arm. "We'll do
a beauty salon after lunch, and get more clothes."

She brightened. "Yaten-kun, you understand so well! You
could almost be a woman!"

Yaten, Taiki and Seiya sweatdropped.

"Oh yeah, sorry."


In Chinatown, the group headed for the biggest, most
expensive restaurant and promptly laid waste.

"We'll have triple portions of the first ten items in
each section of the menu."

"Don't be so stingy Seiya!" Rei said. "We'll have
triple portions of EVERYTHING on the menu."

"But we won't be able to eat all of that!"

"We'll get a doggy bag."

Afterwards, the group rolled down the streets.

"I've never eaten so much in my life!" Makoto moaned.
"I'm going to put on ten pounds just from that one meal!"

"Well, let's just walk around and digest a little,"
suggested Ami.

"Oh look!" Usagi and Minako ran into a store.

"Huh?" the rest of them followed.

Inside, they found the store was FULL of CDs, VCDs,
cassettes and posters.

"Hey! There's an anime section!" said Minako. She started
going through the CDs. Makoto's eye was drawn to a
small display.

"Oh WOW! It's the new Three Lights album!"

"It's the WHAT?!" the Three Lights turned to stare.

Makoto had grabbed a copy, and now the other girls were
following suit. "Incredible! And so cheap too!"

Yaten grabbed the CD off her. "These aren't ours! They're
pirate copies!"


"We don't get any proceeds from this! It's an illegal

"But... but... it's so cheap!"

Rei took the CDs off the other girls and put them all
back. "Yaten's right."


"We can't do this."

"Thank you Rei, for understanding." Taiki and his brothers
exchanged relieved looks.

"Understanding hell! We're taking Daddy for all he's got,
remember? Let's go to the import store and buy the album!"

"But that costs four times as much as buying it back in



Minako snuggled up to Yaten, holding his arm in a
death-grip. "Isn't is so wonderful to be walking around
New York together?" she purred.

Yaten tried to disengage her and failed, he sighed. "If
you are going to keep doing this, I'm going to have to
take drastic measures."

Usagi had linked arms with Rei, Seiya was looking on rather
enviuosly. "Where are we going now, Rei-chan?" Usagi asked.

"Well, Yaten suggested a beauty salon and I've had a look
in my guide book and there's a really good one down this

"You mean a really expensive one, ne?" said Makato slyly.

Rei sweatdropped. "Ahahahaha... "

They stopped outside an impressive salon, titled "Madame
Saint-Louis' Beautiful Salon".

Rei strode in, the receptionist looked up. "<Can I help
you?>" she asked.

"<Yes, please.>" said Rei. "<My friends and I would like
the full treatment.>"

"<Do you have an appointment?>" the receptionist asked.

Rei pulled out her wallet and pulled out a shining gold
credit card. "<Will this do?>"

The receptionist's eyes widened. "<Please follow me.>"
she took them into the salon and spoke to a tall,
beautiful fair-haired woman whose eyes shone with
eagerness when they rested on Rei. She appoached Rei.
"<Mademosielle, I am Madame Saint-Louis, please allow my
salon to provide you with all you wish.>"

Rei smiled and thanked Madame Saint-Louis, then she turned
to the others who all looked stunned. "Well?" she asked

Yaten was the first to recover, he grinned. "This is

"Wow... we are going to be soooo elegant when we finish
here!" said Usagi.

Seiya poked her in the arm. "You, dumpling? I doubt it!"

Usagi frowned. "I will! You just wait!" *_Dumpling_ huh?*

Rei laughed. "Okay, but before you go... " she rummaged
in her purse and brought out some travellers checks in
_large_ denominations of American dollars. "Here, take
this. There is a Gucci store connected with this place and
you all need to get new clothes afterwards."

Yaten grabbed a large amount. "Perfect!" he grabbed
Minako's hand. "Come with me." he said.

Minako's eyes were huge with happiness. "Ohhhhh... you
want to be with me!" she giggled. "I'm so happy!"

Yaten rolled his eyes. "Get a grip." he said. "If you're
going to hang on me all the time you have to look good
or it's embarrassing! I'm going to make sure you don't ask
for something dire!"

Yaten and Minako disappeared after one of the employees.
Seiya followed suit and then all the others dispersed
leaving Rei and Madame.

Rei grinned, a funny idea had cropped up in her mind. She
turned to Madame. "<Madame, I would like you to attend to
me personally. I wish to restyle my hair and I need some
coloured contacts.>"

Madame looked a little surprised. "<If you wish,
Mademosielle. But if I may be so bold you look very well

"<Indulge me here.>"


Yaten dragged Minako past a window opening onto the
salon's Gucci store.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, flattening up outside the glass.
On the other side was a bright orange dress, "How

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Yaten grabbed her arm.
"Remember what I said! If you want to hang around me you
have to at least _try_ to rival my beauty." he sighed.
"This is going to be tougher than I thought." He waved a
hand and one of the attendants came forward.

"<Wash, facial, pedicure, manicure, depilatory, pluck
eyebrows to a thinner, more elegant shape - not too arched!
Rose scented washes, not too heavy. I will pick the perfume
myself. On no account are you to begin styling hair or
putting on cosmetics till I am there. Understood?>"

Minako gaped. "<That was incredible Yaten. I didn't know
you could speak English so well!>" Then his words
penetrated. "Heeey...."

"Do you want to spend time with me or not?"


"Off you go..." He made motioning gestures with his hands.
Minako followed the woman into the next room. As she went
past Yaten he plucked the ribbon from her hair.


"You can have it back when we get to Japan!" he watched
her go then turned to the other attendant.

"<I don't need anything much... just a manicure, pedicure,
natural hand nails done, foot massage, blowwave and style,
facial...>" he ticked off the list on his fingers.


Seiya and Taiki were the first ones out.

"I see we had similar ideas," Taiki said, admiring the cut
of Seiya's jacket. "What, no tuxedo?"

"Definitely not." said Seiya. He was wearing a black jacket
over black trousers with a soft deep crimson silk shirt.

Taiki was wearing a similar jacket and trousers, but with
a yellow silk shirt. "Hmph," he smiled. "Want to bet whose
next out?"

"No, but I'll bet on who's _last_ out." They laughed.

Yaten came out.

"Oh my GOD!" they all exclaimed.

"I don't believe it!" Taiki grabbed Seiya. "Yaten was the
first one out!"

"I don't believe it!" Yaten groaned. "I'm wearing the same
clothes as you two!" He was indeed, except that his shirt
was deep pink.

There was a pause. Before it could degenerate into a fight,
a soft voice carolled. "Yaten-kun!"

Minako stepped out and walked out. Seiya and Taiki gasped.
She was wearing a black sleeveless high-neck top which
hugged her torso. Underneath she was wearing an olive
green short pencil skirt, with black heels. Her hair was
clipped back at the sides with sparkly hair clips. The
transformation was dramatic.

"Wow!" Taiki and Seiya gaped. "Wow!"

"Not bad... better better..." Yaten said. "Now I'm not
so embarrassed to be seen with you."

"Oh Yaten!" she grabbed his arm.

"Then again."

"Sorry we took so long!"

Ami and Makoto walked out and the others admired them.

Ami was wearing a long flowing pale blue dress. It had a
scoop neck and a softly gathered waist. She seemed to
float over to them.

Makoto's hair was loose around her face, and her fringe
had been coloured gold. She was wearing a dull gold, short
sleeved, high neck top, and black silk capri trousers.

"You both look great!" said Minako.

"So do you!" for a while mutual congratulations and
compliments flew round the group.

Then Rei stepped out. Her black hair reached down to the
backs of her calves and sighed as she walked. Her eyes
glowed soft purple and she was wearing an Audrey-Hepburn
style simple black straight shoulders dress.

"Cool! Rei, you look gorgeous!"

Usagi was confused. "Rei?"

Makoto laughed. "Typical, now we're all waiting for Usagi."

"But I'm right here!"

"We know you are Rei."

Then a black-haired figure ran towards them. "Gomen nasai!
Sorry I'm late." it stopped. She was wearing a white puffed
sleeve dress that was clasped at the waist and swelled out
at the hips to her knees. And her hair was up in little
buns that looked like dumplings.

"Oh WOW. Usagi, you dyed your hair! It's a pity you didn't
change the style though."

"Huh?" Rei stared at them.

"Usako, this is a new look," Seiya took her hand. "But I
like it!"

"Um... what's going on?"

"Excuse me!" everyone turned to look at Rei. She smiled
nervously. "Um, _I'm_ Usagi?"


Everyone stared at the two girls.

Rei looked at Usagi. "What in the?"

Usagi shifted. "I told them I wanted to look elegant, like
you. They were all really interested in the picture of you
and then..." she smiled nervously.

"But your eyes..." said Seiya.


Seiya dropped Rei's hand. "Usako?"

Tears started to leak from Usagi's eyes. "I... I..."

"Usagi, I'm..." Rei was stunned. "I'm so flattered!"

"Honto?" asked Usagi.

"Of course! And you look GREAT!" Rei suddenly started,
and reached her hands up to take the dumpling style out
of her hair. "I intended to do this as a bit of a joke,
but you seem to have gotten there first!" She shook her
hair out.

"So, who wants to go, get some tea or coffee in a cafe, and
then go back to the hotel for a rest?" asked Taiki in the
ensuing silence. Everyone agreed that this was the best
option and headed off to a fancy cafe across the road.

Afterwards, they all piled into the limosine and spent
some time complimenting each others clothes.

"It's so nice to see you with your hair down Usako."

"Actually, it's caught up underneath. When I let it all
the way down I can stand on it. Then I usually trip over."

Everyone laughed.

"And Minako, I can't believe those colours. You look so

"Yaten picked them."

"Ah, that explains it then."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

"Don't you think Makoto looks good?"

"Yes, she should wear those colours more often, instead
of green."

"I LIKE green. What's wrong with green?"

"Nothing. It's just nice to see you in different colours."

Usagi turned to Rei. "And that dress is so cute!"

"Yeah," said Yaten. "White puffed sleeves on anyone older
than ten usually make them look stupid and dorky, but you
seem to be able to pull it off."

Dead silence.

"Er... don't Taiki and Seiya look good," said Ami.

"Why _thank_ you Yaten." gritted Rei. "As a matter of fact
I was just going to say that pink shirts usually make men
look gay, but I guess you don't care about that."

Yaten growled. Taiki cast about for inspiration. Saved!

"Oh look, the hotel!"

They all got out of the limosine laughing and talking. Rei
and Yaten studiously ignored each other and headed for the
elevators, each deciding to let it go... for now.


to be continued

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