Mars Revenge
by Orla and Jaelle

Part One of Five

This is a fanfic based on the original work by Naoko Takeuchi, whose pink heart wands we are not fit to lick. Even though she came up with Chibiusa (*hoick*).

A note, our Phobos and Deimos are not the Phobos and Deimos of the manga story, they are original characters (we didn't know about the crows till after the first stories had been published. Oops. Hey, we only had the translated stuff to work with at the time). This is not exactly a sequel to Sailor Doom and Sailor Doom II: Mars Attacks, but Phobos and Deimos do appear so you might want to read the earlier two (not that we're shamelessly plugging our own works! (^_^)).

This story takes place during Sailor Moon Stars, after the Inner Senshi have found out that the Three Lights are the Starlights. Duh. Like we couldn't have worked that out within ten seconds of seeing them. For starters, they're never in the same place at the same time!

And by the way, for all the picky people, this is based on the anime version, in which the Three Lights are male (until they transform anyway). And we do know that they're not biological brothers, but they do refer to each other as brother, and they have the same last name so they're brothers in a sense. After all, if all women are sisters, then all males... even those who are also sisters, are brothers. My head hurts.

Day One:

Rei Hino fidgeted and looked anxiously at the door. For the tenth time she got up and stood in front of her Grandpa.

"Is my dress really ok, Grandpa?"

"As I said the _last_ fifteen times, Rei, you look beautiful."

"You're not just saying that because you're my grandfather?"

"No, also I like living."


"Nothing, nothing... you look fine."

Rei smiled and sat down again and continued to stare fixedly at the door. *Come on, don't do it to me again.*


"Aaaargh!" Rei lept out of her chair in fright.

"It's just the phone, Rei." Grandpa picked it up. "Hello, Hikawa Shrine." He listened, then frowned and held the phone out to Rei. "It's for you."

Rei took the phone. "Hello? This is Rei."

Five minutes later Rei handed the phone back to Grandpa. He put it back and looked at her in concern. "Rei-chan... "

She swallowed and shook her head. "Don't say it... DON'T! He's... he's done it to me _again_!" Choking, with tears streaming down her cheeks, Rei bolted into her room and slammed the door.

Grandpa listened to the load sobs coming from the room with a heavy heart. *Damn him. He could've made the effort, just once, it would have meant the world to her.* He waited outside the door as Rei's sobs died and an awful silence took their place.

Fifteen minutes later Grandpa was considering trying to break the door down when suddenly it opened with extreme violence.

Rei stood in the doorway, a backpack on her back and her handbag in one hand and a determined look on her pale face.

"Rei-chan... are you... " Grandpa started.

Rei looked at him. "Grandpa, I'm going out for a while. I may be some time." Then she strode to the front door and went out.

Grandpa watched in confusion. "Oh dear. I hope she doesn't do anything rash."


*Dial. Ring*


"Usagi, it's Rei. What are you doing this week?"

"Uh... nothing. It's the holidays. Hanging out with you and everyone?"

"Good. Meet me at Narita Airport in four hours. Bring your suitcase, a change of clothes, toothbrush, hairbrush, comb... and your passport."

"Is that all?"

"Yes. Four hours. And for once in your life dumpling-head, don't be late!"

"What's this all abou...?"

*Click. Dial. Ring.*


"Mako-chan? It's Rei..."


Rei leant back and put her mobile phone away in her bag. Everything was going according to plan. She idly stared out the window of her taxi and stared at the shops as she passed them. She noted the large poster in the music store. "Three Lights new album!"

"Oh? I didn't know that..." she laid her head back. Then jerked it up again at the screams. *What? Not ANOTHER monster, not NOW!*

"Aaaaahhhh TAIKI! SEIYA! YATEN!!!!"

*Ah. Otaku.* Rei watched the horde of screaming girls rush past. The lights turned green and the taxi moved ahead of the mob. Rei shrugged and looked forward, and saw three tall masculine figures running for their lives.

"Dammit Seiya! Did you have to stop at the vending machines?" yelled Yaten.

"I was THIRSTY! Is that a crime?"

"Shut up and RUN!" yelled Taiki. "They're gaining on us!"

Rei watched them duck down an alley. "Wait please! I'm just popping out here for a sec."

Ignoring the driver, she hopped out of the taxi and clasped her hands in front of her heart. Dust flew as the hordes approached.

"Ah!" Rei sighed. Loudly. "The Three Lights!"

"Where? Where?" screamed the first wave.

"They went _that_ way!" Rei pointed in the opposite direction to the alleyway. The screaming groupies followed her pointing finger.

"Darling! Come back darling!" screamed one fangirl.

Rei watched them run out of sight and shook her head. "If only such energy could be harnessed and used for good," she turned to the alleyway. "It's safe to come out now! I've saved you!"

Taiki cautiously poked his head out. "Oh, Rei-san. It's you." He came out into the street, followed by his two brothers. "Thanks! I thought we were dead!"

"You will be when they come back," said Rei. "You'd better get going." she walked away.

"Hey, where are you going?" asked Seiya.

"Into my taxi." said Rei, pointing.

"We'll come with you. It's faster."

"And not so tiring." added Yaten.

Rei sighed, "I'm going to the airport."

"Airport sounds safe to me," said Taiki. "Please allow us to accompany you. We'll split the taxi fare."

"That won't be necessary." said Rei.

"Are you sure?" asked Yaten. "It costs about 23,000 yen to get to the airport from here."

"I know. Get in if you're coming."


"So, who are you going to meet at the airport?" asked Yaten.

"All my friends."

"I mean, off the plane."


"Then _why_ are you going to the airport?" demanded Yaten. "Do you _enjoy_ spending this much money for a jaunt. Or do you just like watching the planes take off?"

Rei glared daggers at him. "Actually, we're going for a trip." she smiled sweetly, menacingly. "Would you like to come with us?" A thought popped into her head. *Say....*

"Where are you going?" asked Taiki. "Is it a school trip?"

"No. It's for health reasons."

"Oh, an onsen."

"Only if they have one in the Millenium Hilton."

Yaten choked. "That's one of the most expensive hotels..."

"Then they must have an onsen," interrupted Seiya.

"In _New York_," Yaten finished.


"You're going to New York?" asked Seiya. "How did you get the money?"

Rei smiled, and shrugged. "Never mind that, are you interested? You won't have to pay."

"Well I don't know." Taiki said. "How long are you going for?"

"Just a week."

"It might be a good idea to get out of the country for a bit," Yaten mused.

"And if it's free..." said Seiya. "But I don't know."

"Usagi's coming." said Rei.

"That was a low blow," Yaten muttered to Taiki, who sighed.

Seiya's eyes narrowed. "So...." He grinned. "We most humbly and gratefully accept your offer Miss Hino. Taiki, call a courier to pick up our passports!"

Taiki sighed and started patting pockets to find his mobile.

"Here," said Rei, "Use mine."

Taiki looked at it. "Hello Kitty?"

Rei blushed. "Look, it's been carefully chanted over and charmed, okay?"

"It's still a Hello Kitty! phone." said Taiki.

"Oh shut up."


Usagi sat on her suitcase and looked around for Rei. "She's got some nerve telling me not to be late and then being late herself!"

"Hey! Usagi!"

"Minako?" Usagi twisted around and was engulfed in a huge group hug from Minako, Makoto and Ami.

"Everyone? What are you all doing here?"

"Rei called us and told us to be here." Ami explained. She looked at Usagi's suitcase. "I see she contacted you too."

Usagi nodded. "What do you think is going on?"

"Hi!" Rei ran up to the group, trailed by the Three Lights.

"Rei-chan. Taiki-kun, Seiya-kun, Yaten-san," Minako looked surprised. "What's going on?"

"Attention everyone! I have an announcement!" said Rei. "I called you all here for the purposes of rest and relaxation! In half an hour, we are all boarding flight JAL213 to New York. That's in the United States Usagi, before you ask. Where we will spend a week having fun, kicking back... and SHOP-PING!" Rei posed dramatically.

The group sweatdropped as one.

"It's finally happened," said Usagi. "Rei's gone completely round the bend."

"Hey! I have not! See..." Rei displayed tickets.

"Hey, these are first class!" said Ami. "We don't have that kind of money!"

"Some of us don't have any kind of money," said Makoto.

"Don't worry, don't worry. They're all paid for!" said Rei, smiling at the sound of those words. "You won't have to contribute a yen!"

"Did you win the lottery or something Rei?" asked Makoto.

"You could say that."

"Well, if you're sure." Minako grabbed a ticket. "Start spreading the news!"

The Three Lights looked at each other. "There's still time to back out," said Taiki.

"Yes, think of all we have to go back to." said Yaten. "The screaming fans, the broken air conditioning and Seiya's cooking."


"You're right," said Taiki. "Let's go." Rei handed them tickets. A short fight broke out amongst the rest of the girls for seats next to the Three Lights. Finally all was ready. The luggage was checked, the flight was boarded and... takeoff!

The trip itself was a small taste of hell for the Three Lights. The girls luxuriated in first class.

"Hey," said Minako, draining her glass. "This lemonade's tasty!"

"Uh... that wasn't lemonade and you're not supposed to drink champagne that way." said Yaten.

"Hee hee hee!"

"Oh dear."

They thought they would be safe when the inflight movie began. They were wrong!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Seiya.

"We three heroes of light will defend you," screamed Seiya, on screen.

"Why? Why did it have to be OUR movie?" demanded Taiki as the girls laughed themselves silly watching the antics of the boys.

"I knew this was a bad idea," said Yaten. He flicked through the pages of the in-flight catalogue. "Now that is a nice watch," he said.

Moments later, a stewardess handed him that very same watch.

"Uh... I was just saying I liked it, not that I wanted to buy it," he said hastily, recalling the price tag.

"From the lady," she said. Rei waved at him and then burst into hysterics as a fight scene started on the screen. Yaten looked at the watch and sweatdropped.

"Even if she is rich, this is going a bit far," Taiki said.

"You think she plans to make Yaten her toyboy?" asked Seiya. They looked at the watch, then at Rei, who was teasing Usagi about something.

"Couldn't be," said Taiki, leaning back.

"Here's your cologne sir. And your silk shirt." Taiki and Seiya looked at the packages and then back at Rei. She smiled and raised her glass to them. Sweat began to pour down their faces. Then Minako landed in Taiki's lap and Makoto and Ami started throwing pillows and the rest of the evening degenerated rapidly.


"<Welcome to New York airport! This is a no-smoking airport. Please keep your baggage with you at all times and observe the signs.>"

"What's that person saying?" demanded Usagi. "Can't they speak in a real language?"

"My head hurts!" moaned Minako. "I think I'm going to be sick."

Yaten held out an air-sickness bag he'd taken from the plane. "Here."

"DON'T YOU DARE!" shouted Taiki, who was currently carrying Minako piggy-back.

"You'd rather she just let go?"

"I'd rather YOU carried her."

"I'm not the ridiculously tall, strong and stupid one."

"Why you..."

"Easy easy," said Rei. "It's just a little jetlag. We'll feel better when we get to the hotel."

"And how are we going to do that, when none of us speaks English very well?"

"Don't worry," said Rei. "There's our ride."

A chauffeur held up a sign, on which was written, "Hino."

"<Over here>!" carolled Rei, and led her flagging troops towards the biggest stretch limo they had ever seen.

Seiya stared at the inside. "Incredible! This thing's got a TV! AND a DVD player!"

"And a bar." said Minako.

"NO!" shouted everyone.

"You lush." said Usagi. She stared hard at her best friend. "Alright Rei, you've done the woman of mystery thing long enough. First class tickets, New York, hotels, stretch limos..."


"Shut up Minako. What is going on?" Usagi demanded. Everyone stared at Rei.

Rei sighed. "I suppose I should tell you." She looked out of the window for a moment then turned back to them. The group were surprised to see the sheen of tears in her eyes. "It's my father."

Seiya frowned. "He lives in New York and is treating you and your friends to a all-expenses paid holiday?" he hazarded.

Rei laughed bitterly. "No way! I bet he doesn't even know I _have_ friends!"

Usagi moved closer to Rei. "Rei-chan, what happened?"

Rei swallowed. "Yesterday my father was supposed to take me out to lunch at my favourite restaurant, he had promised me two months ago that he would not let me down this time." she paused and a tear trickled down her cheek. "But yet again he proved to me that his job is more important than his only child."

Taiki shifted uncomfortably. "I still don't see how that fits with this holiday."

Rei looked at them all, her purple eyes flashing with fury. "This is my _revenge_!" she yelled. "For all the times he's ignored me and pushed me away! For dumping me as a kid! For never being there when I needed him!" She leaned forward, battle aura formed around her, flames crackling in her eyes.

The Three Lights and the girls scrambled back.

"WWWAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" wailed Minako. "Rei-chan, you're scaring me!"

"And everyone else for that matter." muttered Yaten.

"The one thing Daddy-dearest has not been stingy with is his _money_!" snarled Rei. "Every year a new credit card with an even higher credit limit, trying to buy his way out of being my father. Well, yesterday was _it_! We're going to work our way through each and every one of them! Then Daddy will receive a nice little bill!"

"Rei-chan," Ami stretched out a hand. "I realise that you're hurt, but surely this isn't the way to do it."

Rei shook her head. "No, this is the only way. After this he can't ignore me." She looked pleadingly at them. "Help me, please."

Usagi burst into tears. "Oh Rei-chan!!!!" she cried, hugging her friend. "I'll do _anything_!"

Makoto shook her head. "I can't say I'm happy, but I can see you won't take no for an answer." she shrugged. "Ok, then."

Minako giggled. "Woohoo! 5th Avenue here we come!"

The Three Lights looked at each other. Taiki sighed. "There isn't much else we can do otherwise."

Yaten shrugged. "If she wants to do it, let her," he admired the watch Rei had bought him. "At least this way I get to pick my own gifts from a girl."

Seiya elbowed Yaten in the ribs. "You are too much!" He glanced at Rei who was still being hugged by Usagi. *Looks like Usagi really cares alot about Rei, if I help Rei then Usagi would be _really_ grateful!* He grinned. *This should be fun.*

On arrival at the hotel everyone heartily agreed with Taiki's, "Shower... Sleep..." policy. Until they found the room.

"What... is this?" demanded Yaten. "It looks like a highly priced love hotel."

"They were quite full when I rang," said Rei. "This is one of the penthouse suites, the honeymoon one."

"Can I call them or what?" Yaten asked.

"Suite?" Taiki looked around. "This is practicaly the entire top floor!" [We've never been to this hotel, more's the pity, so we don't know anything about the layout. Just go with us on this one. J & O].

"Honeymoon? Uh... Rei..."

"Relax!" said Rei. "I told them there were a group of us, and they rearranged things, there's one room for the girls and one for the boys." she smirked.

Everyone sweatdropped.

"But I have the main one!" Rei said. "It's through that door."

Ami opened the door. "Whoah." she said. The others crowded the doorway.

The room it looked into had clearly been built with romance in mind. The dominating colours were rose and silver. The room had little furniture, a walk in wardrobe could be seen leading off, except for the large bed which dominated the room. Cherubs, roses, hearts and other items depicting love in all its various and maniformed manifestations filled the room and the ceiling.

"Now _I_ feel sick," said Taiki. "People actually have..."

"SHHHHH!!!!" yelled Seiya. "Etchi!"

Yaten reached a hand inside around the doorway and rapped on the wall. "Soundproof." he said. "Good acoustics too."

Rei had gone bright red. *Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.* She walked in and snapped her fingers. "Righ..."

"Lalalalallaaaaalaaalaaa..." sappy music began to play. "Sweet sweet fantasy baby..."

Rei stared at her fingers. "Oh no, please. Not soundtrack powers."

Taiki walked in. "I believe it's all controlled in a similar fashion," he snapped his fingers and the music stopped. He snapped his fingers twice and a different song started playing. "Fever! In the morning..."

"Interesting," said Ami, entering behind him. "Then..." She clapped her hands and the bed began to vibrate.

"Hmm... and this cherub." Taiki pressed a cherubs nose and part of the wall swung around to reveal a bar.

"And..." Ami pressed its wing and soda water shot out of a siphon at the bar.

"Fascinating!" said Taiki.

"Uhm... guys..." Taiki and Ami turned to see everyone staring at them and sweatdropping.


"Analyse the socio-cultural implications of your current activities." suggested Yaten.

Ami and Taiki looked around. The soft music, the vibrating bed, the bar... the two of them.

"GAH!" said Taiki.

"Oh MY," said Ami.

"I'm jealous," said Minako. "Who would've thought that Ami could be so devious."

"It's not like that!" Ami protested. The rest of the group entered the room, teasing the blushing duo. Seiya laughed at them. "Taiki, you're turning into quite the lady killer."

"Shut up!"

"Isn't this fun?!" said Usagi, clapping her hands together several times. The room was immediately plunged into darkness, with chaotic results.


"What the?"

"Watch where you're putting your feet!"

"Oof, what am I sitting on? It's moving."

"It's either a person or the bed. I hope."


"Who just touched me?"


"Why, where are YOU touching someone you hentai!"

"Someone turn the damn lights back on!"

The room filled with the sounds of clapping, finger snapping, whistling, and foot stomping. The lights flashed on and off, became disco, strobes and then went out again. The music altered and everyone was treated to "I'm Horny" (fortunately noone could understand the words... much). Someone else fell on the bed which began to vibrate even more furiously and there was a whirring sound.

Finally, someone got the sequence right and the lights flashed on. Minako was clutching one of the cherubs and let go with a squeak of disappointment. Rei and Yaten stared at each other lying on the bed face to face. "Get off my bed!"

"I'm trying! But the moving is making it difficult!"

"What are you doing you hentai!" Rei screamed as Yaten demonstrated how difficult by slipping even closer. "Hentai!!!!"

"Seiya! Taiki! Save me!" yelled Yaten.

"Save YOU? Makoto! Ami-chan!" Rei scrabbled frantically at the satin sheets, which slipped and slid away from her.

Ami and Seiya walked out of the walk-in closet.

"How did you get in there?" demanded Taiki, who was sitting on the floor.

"No idea," Seiya replied.

Makoto came back in through the doorway. "I found the outside lightswitch," she said. "Did it help?" She raised an eyebrow at the sight on the bed. "I can always turn it off again if you'd like."


With a bit of effort Yaten and Rei were both rescued from the "man-eating" bed. After various apologies, Rei finally noticed.

"Where's Usagi?"

A thumping noise was heard. They all turned to the wall. The bar had vanished back into it and the thumping was coming from there, where the bar had been.


A soda-soaked Usagi was finally released and order was restored.

"Right, I'm exhausted." said Taiki. "I'm going to have a wash, and then, sleep!" He left.

Yaten followed his brother, turning at the doorway to say, "Have fun in your bed Rei!"

"Actually," said Rei. "I think I'll take one of the other beds. It's safer."

The group dispersed among the rooms to sort out where to sleep and argue about splitting up the bathrooms. "How come the girls get three and we only get one?" Eventually, quiet descended. Except in the main bedroom where saxophone music continued to play quietly, as noone dared try to find out how to turn it off.


End of Day One.

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