Lucky Duck

A Saiyuki Ficbit

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Sanzo raised an eyebrow when he entered the common room of the inn and found only a pouting Goku there. “What the hell’s your problem?” He demanded.

Goku sulked. “Gojyo went out for food and wouldn’t let me come!”

Sanzo scowled and started to walk past the boy.

“It’s not faiiirr...” Goku whined. “And it sounded so good too.”

“Oh,” Sanzo said, not really caring. “What was it?”

“Honey-roasted duck!” Goku said indignantly. “He tried to pretend it was something else, but I figured out his secret code!”

Sanzo frowned. Secret code? That didn’t sound like Gojyo.

Goku caught his puzzled look and smiled triumphantly. “Yeah! He tried to tell me he was going out to do something with the birds and bees, but I know that he was really going to have honey-roasted duck!”

“WHAT?” Sanzo winced and wished he hadn’t said that.

Goku was nodding furiously. “Well you see, bees make honey. And they have a lake nearby with lots of ducks on it, and ducks are birds! So he must be off having honey-roasted duck!”

Sanzo sweatdropped and brushed past him, unfortunately too slowly to miss Goku’s final comment.

“I bet he’s eating duck right now."


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