Look Into My Eyes
A Tokyo Babylon fanfic
By Jaelle

Disclaimer: I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove anything. CLAMP own them all and no infringement is intended by this fic. I have no idea where this came from, but I believe it may be the reason why I stop eating ice cream at 11.55 at night. Yeesh.

It was dark in Seishirou Sakurazuka's apartment, the only light a soft glow from the end of his cigarette as the vet sat on his couch, lost in contemplation.

Seishirou took one last drag of his cigarette before stubbing it out and pressing the light button on his digital watch and glancing at it. 11.55. Perfect. They would both be asleep by now.

Silently, beautifully, his form faded away in sakura petals and coalesced in the shadows of the Sumeragi apartment. One quick whispered spell sent the inhabitants into a sleep so deep neither of them even stirred as Seishirou wandered through their apartment, flipping through magazines, picking up objects, and finally entering Subaru Sumeragi's bedroom.

Standing over the bed, Seishirou reached down and pulled back all the blankets, revealing Subaru's body to a possessive, almost hungry, gaze.

For the longest time, The Sakurazukamori examined the contours of his prey. Those long thin legs, the slim hips, the taut stomach and slight shoulders...


Seishirou sat down on the bed and gently lifted Subaru in his arms, bringing Subaru's head up to face his own.

"Subaru," he whispered. "Wake up."

Subaru's eyes opened, but remained blank. The spell that Seishirou had invoked so many times would ensure that Subaru remembered none of this - the many hours at night that he spent as Seishirou's willing, mindless puppet.

Seishirou paused and gently stared into Subaru's eyes, savouring their unusual hue and making sure that no spark of wakefulness remained.

"Look at me Subaru," he said. Subaru's gaze matched his, and for a while, Seishirou was distracted by the reinforcement of his spell of compulsion.

"Look into my eyes Subaru," he whispered. "See only me, hear only me, obey me!"

Subaru made no sound, but Seishirou smiled. He knew now that the spell had taken hold, and that the Sumeragi heir was now helpless, a slave to his every whim.

"Stand up!" Seishirou stood also as Subaru got out of the bed and faced him. Reaching for the boy he clasped him close, and ran his hands over his slim, young form, marvelling once again at the softness of the skin, and its luminescence.

"Subaru..." he put his lips to Subaru's ear. "You are mine. Mine! Oh my sweet Subaru."

He paused briefly, trying to decide what to do with Subaru this night. There were so very many options.

Then a smile quirked his lips. "Subaru..." Of course. This was perfect.

"You are a chicken!"

"Bwakbwakbwakbwak!" Subaru immediately squatted and began walking around the room, clucking like a chicken and flapping his arms as Seishirou laughed helplessly.

"Good... GOOD! Now be a monkey!"


"Yes! Yes! Now hop like a bunny! Hop! Hop!!! Dance my puppet, dance... AHAHAHAHAHA!"

The End.


Jaelle: *ducks thrown objects* It wasn't my fault!


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