An Angelic Layer Fanfiction
By Jaelle

Angelic Layer and characters are all owned by Clamp.

A Moment of Truth Challenge Fic.

90 words, excluding title, disclaimer and these notes.

Did you see that?

That little white angel, she won!

I can't believe it. She was so tiny, and that other guy was so huge, I thought it was hopeless. But she won.

I've _never_ seen the little ones win. I'm a little one too. We _always_ lose.

It's awful being little, everyone thinks you're a child and noone takes you seriously.

But I bet everyone takes _her_ seriously.

She flew into the air and blasted him with light. It was so beautiful. And she won!

I wanna do that!


Author's Notes:

This was written for a challenge on cffml - a moment of truth in the life of a CLAMP character, to be written in no more than 100 words.

Jaelle, April 2003.

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