Lessons Learned (Not)

A Kingdom Hearts/FFVIII AU High School Fusion Fic

By Jaelle

Rating: PG-13 for implied naughtiness
Genre: Humour
Pairings: Sora/Riku
Disclaimer: So very not mine.

Sora and Riku sat quietly in an empty classroom at Balamb Garden, apparently engrossed in their work. Occasionally they would glance at the clock, or pause to shake out a hand, cramped from too much writing, but soon enough they would return to their task.

"And... done!" Sora announced, with a sigh of relief. Leaning back in his chair he stretched his arms, before standing up and indulging in a full-body stretch. Beside him, Riku looked over and watched him in amusement.

"Feel better?"

"Uh huh!" Sora moved around the classroom a bit. "I thought I'd never finish," he looked at the pile of paper on his desk in distaste. "Squall is so mean, making us do detention on a nice day like this." Sora threw himself into a chair opposite Riku's desk and looked at his friend. "Are you still going? Usually you're faster than me."

"Well I did start later."

"That's true. Hey, why were you so late?" Sora asked curiously. "Did Squall yell at you or something? All he did was stare at me for a few minutes before putting his hand over his face and sending me here."

"Oh, he just made a few comments about the proper ways to plan an assault," Riku said, yawning. "I've got a bit more to go here if you want to take him your lines."

"Nah, I'll wait," Sora tilted his head and tried to read Riku's writing upside down. "You look like you got a longer sentence than I did."

"No pun intended?" Riku looked up into Sora's uncomprehending expression. "Never mind. What did you have to write?"

Sora made a face. "I must get a clue."

Riku stifled a smile and turned back to his writing. "Is that so."

"Yeah," Sora looked at his paper mournfully. "And after writing it 200 times, I STILL don't know what he meant."

Riku blinked thoughtfully as he finished his 186th repetition of I must not take advantage of Sora's blind innocence and molest him in the middle of class. Just confess already, idiot!

(Although he wasn't certain if Squall had really meant him to write that last part).

"Well," he said slowly. "If you'll just give me five more minutes, I'll explain it to you."

When Squall came along half an hour later to check up on his two most promising SeeD candidates, he found himself forced to deliver a blistering lecture on concealment ("the CLOSET?! Honestly, ANY moron would have looked there first"), the uniform code ("put your shirts on and get out of there!"), securing an opponent ("why is Sora's left hand tied to the rail? Wait, don't tell me, I don't want to know") and basic etiquette ("Stop grinning! Salute your superior officer! Good. Now GET OUT!").

It was all worth it, Riku decided later that evening, as he finished the last of his redone lines. He glanced fondly over at Sora snoozing quietly on his bed and put the pen down on top of the final sheet of paper. He stretched his hand and quietly flicked off the main lights, leaving only his desk lamp on to reveal his tidy penmanship:

I must not take advantage of Sora's blind innocence and molest him in the middle of class.



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