Late at Night

A FMA Fanfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine. Not canon. Not anything, really. I’ve never claimed to make sense.

Pairings: Psiren/??? Secret.

Rating: PG.

Spoilers: Nope.

It’s late again when she crawls into his bed.

“Your feet are cold,” he grumbles as she spoons up to him.

“I’m sorry,” she says quietly. “It was a long night. And some people are just so unreasonable when you decide to steal their favourite jewels.”

“Why are you doing this?” He asks suddenly. “You shouldn’t be here. It’s dangerous.”

“Why are you doing this?” She returns with a giggle. “Surely you’re the one in more trouble than I, Mr oh-so-important State Alchemist. What would people say if they knew you were sleeping with the notorious thief, Psiren?”

“Who cares?” he retorts, pulling a pillow over his head. “It would probably enhance my reputation! Anyway, I’m not going to be after tomorrow,” he says muffledly. “I have to go. Another damn mission.”

“Poor little dog of the military,” she teases gently. “I’ll miss you.”

Edward Elric yanked the pillow off his head and glared at her.

“Don’t call me little.”


A/N: I have no idea where this came from. Just cos Psiren has moved into my head and announced that she’s staying for a while I guess. I blame Kaitou Kid.

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