What is a Lady?

A Sailor Moon Challenge Ficlet

By Orla

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon is the property of Naoko Takeuchi and several large corporations with many lawyers.

The Challenge

Challenger: Zeb
Series: Sailor Moon
Character based: Usagi and ChiUsa (when they've changed sizes during the Dead Moon Circus saga)
Title: What is a Lady?
One Line: "But he's your FATHER!"

At home I'm known as 'Small Lady' and everyone from my parents to the citizens call me that. No one calls me 'Princess', 'Your Highness' or even my real name. Here, back in the past, they call me 'ChibiUsa' and really, it's the same thing despite the difference.

But what is a 'Lady'? I always thought that meant being grown up and being like my mother, but now... through a magical accident... I'm grown up. But I don't feel like a 'Lady'.

Usagi's no help, she's too busy being upset about being small. I guess I shouldn't laugh, but it's hard to see my future mother in her when she's BIG and even harder when she's MY age in body.

What if we're stuck like this? Forever? The idea is very cool and... very scary. How will that affect the future? My future? If Usagi is a kid and Mamoru an adult... will I even be born? And how will Mamoru look at me now? Will he see me as cute little ChibiUsa or...

"But he's your FATHER!" Usagi shrieks when I say this out loud and the decibels make me wince. Well, that and also because she's right.

Mamoru is my future daddy, even if he doesn't seem like it now and, I have to accept that.

Mummy once said that I'd be a 'Lady' when I was mature, but that doesn't always mean grown up. I think I had a very mature thought about Mamoru now, so...

So... what is a 'Lady'? A Lady is a woman who is mature, poised and full of grace. A Lady respects others and commands their respect. A Lady cares for others and isn't selfish. If I can do that, then I will be a Lady... no matter what age or size I am.

Still, even if I’m small again tomorrow, it was nice to be all grown up while it lasted.

The End

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