King of Tennis

One Piece/Prince of Tennis crackfic AU fusion

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: None of them are mine.
Rating: G.
Word count: 199.

"There it is!" Usopp screeched. "Luffy's signature move!"

"Gomu-Gomu-no... bazooka smash!"

There was a roar from the crowd as the ball bounced once and flashed past Luffy's opponent, who could only gape after it vacantly. Monkey D. Luffy threw his head back and laughed maniacally as the other boy dropped to his knees. He turned to the rest of his nakama and flashed a victory sign. They all grinned wildly back at him and his grin turned fond as he regarded them. His doubles teams - Chopper and Usopp, and Nami and Vivi, the infamous "Gold Pair". Sanji, who had left the soccer team to join the tennis club when they needed him most. Nico Robin, his singles player renowned for her ability to play as though she had a hundred arms! And finally, Roronoa Zoro and his three racquets. They had trained so hard and come so far. And now, the Grand Line Trophy was within their reach.

Finally the referee came out of his shock and made the call.

"Game and Match, Monkey D. Luffy, six games to two!"

"I told you!" Luffy said triumphantly, and pointed at his opponent.

"I'm gonna be the King of Tennis!"


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