Kimi no Koto wa Itsudemo Mamoru
A Gundam Wing Fanfiction
by Orla

Rated PG-13 for language

Legal stuff: I don't own Gundam Wing or the characters, they all belong to other people *sniff*. Don't sue me, okay?

Part 4


"Awww... I'm so _glad_ you remember me!" Duo grinned savagely at Heero.

Then, before Relena or the stunned Heero could react, he lunged forward, pushing Heero back into the corridor, grabbing at Heero's collar.

Heero was propelled backwards, his back hitting the wall with a thud. He reached up and grabbed at Duo's hands, trying to pry them away from his throat. But anger, jealousy and grief gave Duo strength that even tested Heero.

"Just was the FUCK are you doing, Yuy?!" Duo hissed. "I asked you to look after Hilde, not _marry_ her!"

"Duo!" Relena grabbed his arm. "Stop it! You said you would behave! Please!"

Duo glared at Heero and then stepped back, releasing him. "Yeah, well... I couldn't help myself..."

Heero, his expression back to its normal sternness, rubbed his throat. He stared at Duo and then took a deep breath. "How and when?" he asked.

"Duo came back a few days ago," Relena explained quickly. "He was picked up by some miners and he lost his memory."

"Betcha didn't expect _me_ to return did you?" Duo demanded of Heero. "So sorry to disappoint your happy little plans!"

Heero's eyes flickered. "It is good you're alive," he said.

Duo snorted. "Like I _believe_ you!"

"Heero?" Hilde's voice filtered downstairs to them. "Who is it?"

Duo pushed past Heero and looked up the stairs. "HILDE!!! Hey, I'm BAAAACCCK!!!" he yelled.

Relena groaned and Heero's face darkened.

There was a long, profound silence from upstairs. Then the sound of pounding feet and Hilde appeared at the top of the stairs. She looked down at Duo who was staring up at her.

Hilde's face went deathly white and she clutched the banister to stop herself from falling. "D-Duo... no... no... It _can't_ be! You're DEAD! DEAD!!!" she shrieked wildly.

Duo opened his arms wide. "But it is me, Hildey. I've returned from Hell!"

Hilde swayed, her eyes glazed and she started to crumple. Heero pushed past Duo and ran up to her, catching her as she fell. He held Hilde to him and glared down at Duo.

Relena jabbed Duo in the ribs. "Stop this!" she said. "You said you wanted to talk, not play games! Behaving like this is not going to solve _anything_!"

Duo rubbed his ribs. "Maybe not, but _I_ feel better for it!"

Heero was bringing Hilde down the stairs; she was walking unsteadily, clinging to him and staring, wide-eyed, at Duo's face.

Relena looked at them. "Perhaps if we moved into the living room we could talk like civilized people?" she suggested.

Heero nodded curtly and half-dragged Hilde into the next room. Relena and Duo followed, Duo taking in the furnishings and the general attractiveness of the room.

"Nice, very nice," he said. "I'm guessing you decorated Hildey?"

Hilde swallowed. "Y-yes," she answered hoarsely. Heero had seated her on a chair and was standing behind her, hands lightly on her shoulders. He squeezed Hilde's shoulders gently and she glanced quickly up at him and smiled.

Duo seethed. "I hear I'm to congratulate you on your engagement!" he burst out. "Fast work, Yuy, not only do you look after Hilde, but also you put yourself in my place to!" he looked bitterly at Hilde. "One bridegroom is as good as another to you I take it!"

Hilde was confused. "W-what do you mean?" she quavered.

Duo's eyes widened and he looked at Heero. "You didn't _tell_ her!" he said incredulously. "You kept a secret from your own fiancée!"

"You were dead, why upset Hilde further?" said Heero. "It was the right thing to do."

Hilde looked from Duo to Heero. "Please... what are you talking about?"

Duo fixed his gaze back on Hilde. "I was going to ask you to marry me when I returned," he said harshly.

Hilde's breath caught in her throat. "Duo..."

"I had plans to present you with a big shiny rock - much like that one on your finger now!" he pointed.

Hilde self-consciously covered her left hand with her right as she looked up at Heero. "Is this... true?"

Heero sighed. "Yes."

Tears welled in Hilde's eyes and she looked back at Duo. "I-I had no idea... I never thought that you... you wanted to... Duo..." the tears began to fall down her cheeks. "Why didn't you _tell_ me?! Why didn't you let me know that you... _cared_ that much!" she sobbed accusingly.

Duo rubbed his forehead. "Because I didn't know how..." he said softly, sadly. "Because I didn't realize... didn't think you loved me that much."

Relena heaved a slight sigh of relief. *Thank goodness, it looks like Duo's going to behave himself now...*

"Duo... you fool..." Hilde got to her feet and lifted her eyes to his. "Blind... stupid..." she trembled and Heero reached out a hand to steady her.

Duo's eyes flashed. "Obviously you didn't care for me that much anyway!" he snarled. "Seeing how quickly you hooked up with my _best friend_!"

Relena winced. *Ulp... spoke too soon, he's still angry...*

Heero's eyes narrowed and he encircled Hilde in his arms. "Stop this!" he said. "You didn't see her after we heard you died..."

"I can see that friendship obviously means nothing to _you_!" Duo cried. "I _trusted_ you! You've stolen..."

"I stole nothing!" Heero flashed back at him.

"Stop it! Stop it please!!" Hilde cried putting herself between the two men. "This isn't going to achieve anything except a fight! And that _mustn't_ happen!"

"I agree," said Relena quietly. "Duo... perhaps you and Hilde should talk alone."

Duo's eyes narrowed and he looked at Hilde.

Hilde nodded. "Yes, I think that's a good idea."

Heero frowned. "_I_ don't."

Hilde smiled tremulously at him. "Heero... please? It'll be okay."

He looked down at her and then nodded resignedly. "Alright, I'll be outside if..."

She smiled. "I know."

Relena and Heero left the room, leaving Duo and Hilde looking at each other.

Hilde swallowed. "Duo, I want to say, I'm glad you're alive and I'm... sorry..."

"Not half as much as I am," said Duo. He looked reproachfully at her. "Damnit Hilde, why couldn't you believe in me? Why did you have to cast me off so quickly?"

Hilde stared at him. "Believe in you?" she asked. "Believe in what? That you were alive? Duo... I held onto that hope for months! I was a walking wreck - abusing my friends and totally unable to do anything!" she gulped back her tears as she remembered the awful early months. "I wanted to die... hell... I even contemplated suicide!"

Duo's eyes widened. "Hilde..."

"I loved you so much," she choked. "And I never knew if you felt as strongly as I did... because you'd never say 'I love you'!"

"Do I have to fucking say it?" Duo yelled furiously. "Didn't I show you how I felt?!"

Hilde shook her head. "Words are important to me, Duo!" she cried angrily. "Was it that hard to say? Really?"

"Does Mr Heero Yuy muttered sweet words of love into your ears?" Duo shot at her. "Tell you he loves you?"

"YES!!" Hilde screamed at him. "For your information, he does!"

Duo rocked back on his heels. "He... does?" he said in a small voice.

Hilde wiped her eyes. "Duo... I hung onto my love for you until it almost destroyed me. I ran away from L2 Colony and started life on Earth because I couldn't bear the memories. I never intended to fall in love with Heero," she gave a watery laugh. "God, I kept pushing him at Relena, wanting him to find happiness as a reward for taking such good care of me..." she looked pleadingly at Duo. "I never meant... _he_ never intended... Duo, it just _happened_..." her voice trailed away and she swallowed convulsively.

Duo stared at the floor for a very long time, listening to Hilde struggle to compose herself. Finally he lifted his head and looked at her.

She was so damned beautiful, he thought. Despite the tear tracks on her face and the red rims around her eyes. He recalled the gamine teenager with the cute face she had been and compared it to the slender, mature woman before him. He recalled her face when he had seen her and Heero unloading the car only a few moments before. Duo's heart ached with a sudden sense of loss... the Hilde he'd known was gone...

"You do love him, don't you?" he asked her gently.

Hilde sniffed. "Yes," she swallowed. "I'm so sorry..."

"And he loves you."


"And he looks after you?"


Duo looked deep into her eyes. "Are you truly happy, Hilde?"

She looked back at him steadily. "Yes Duo, I am happy."

Duo sighed. "Oi oi..." he said softly. "I guess there really is nothing more to say, is there?" he smiled sadly at her. "I can't force you to love me again and I don't want to hurt you... believe me Hilde, I _never_ wanted to hurt you..."

Hilde held out her hand. "Duo... I wish..."

"Shhh..." he took her hand and drew closer to her. "Don't say anything, I don't want to hear it," he squeezed he hand. "But can I ask you one last thing?"

Hilde nodded. "Anything..."

A ghost of Duo's old smile flickered across his face. "Now that's a dangerous thing to say..." he joked.


"Seriously," he put his hands on her shoulders. "Let me kiss you goodbye, Hilde."

Hilde smiled and nodded. "Alright..." she closed her eyes and tilted her head.

Duo touched her cheek with gentle fingers. "Look at me," he said softly. Hilde opened her eyes and he leaned down and kissed her lips.

Hilde could feel Duo's love for her in the kiss and his pain. She ached with sadness for him, but no roaring spark of love for him threatened to overwhelm her.

They parted and Hilde stepped back out of his arms.

"Goodbye, Hilde," said Duo.

She shook her head. "No, not 'goodbye' Duo," she said firmly. "I don't plan on seeing you disappear for ever... we've shared too much to just sever all ties."

Duo grimaced. "Hilde... if you think I can..."

"Duo, I know you're hurting," Hilde said gently. "But it will lessen, believe me. We were friends before we were lovers... and I don't want to lose your friendship."

Duo sighed. "I'll try, Hilde, I'll try," he promised.

She smiled. "Thank you, Duo."

Duo exited the living room and closed the door behind him. He looked up and saw Relena and Heero standing not two feet away. They both looked very tense. Duo laughed suddenly.

"Didn't you two trust me?" he asked.

Relena and Heero glanced at each other and then at him. "No," they said in chorus and Duo rolled his eyes.

Relena stepped forward. "Is everything... I mean, have you...?"

"I'm finished here," said Duo. He fixed his eyes on Heero's face. "You look after Hilde," he said.

Heero nodded.

"Because if you don't I'll come back and kick your ass!" Duo threatened.

A small smile flickered over Heero's face. "You can try," he said.

Duo glanced at Relena. "Let's go," he said.

Relena nodded. "Goodbye Heero," she said politely. "Please say goodbye to Hilde for me."

He nodded and they departed.

Relena didn't ask Duo what had happened between him and Hilde as they walked down the drive and into the street. Nor did Duo offer up any information. The longhaired man kept unusually silent, his head down and his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jacket, a frown marring his brow. Relena considered drawing _something_ out of him, but decided to hold her tongue and let Duo talk to her in his own time - if he wished.

The silence between them remained all the way back to Relena's house. She pushed open the front door and they divested themselves of their jackets and went into her office. Relena went over to the coffee machine on the sideboard.

"Um... coffee, Duo?" she asked, finally cracking the past half-hour's silence.

"Yeah..." Duo's voice cracked suddenly.

Alarmed by the desolation in his tone, Relena whirled to look at him. With a low cry she ran and caught him as his knees buckled and he started to fall. Duo's weight bore Relena down until she was kneeling on the floor, holding him in her arms. He gripped her upper arms fiercely as he cried, his shoulders shaking with the intensity. Relena stroked his head and rocked him gently. A part of her mind reminded her that she had once been in this position with Heero, but she pushed the memory aside and concentrated on the here and now.

"Duo... Duo, I understand," she whispered. "Let me help you..."


Heero stood at the door and watched Duo and Relena disappear down the street. He half-wished that he had been able to tell Duo how happy he was to see him alive - whatever consequences that held for Heero's future with Hilde. However, Duo's behaviour, while understandable, made it hard for Heero to check his own anger. He sighed and turned away, shutting the door behind him. Going back into the living room he looked for Hilde.

She was sitting on the window seat, idly stroking AJ's head, her eyes staring out into the distance.

Heero hesitated. He had no idea what she and Duo had said and he was almost afraid to ask. He was sure... well, almost sure... that Hilde was not going to suddenly bolt to Duo, but he was still getting used to loving someone and doubt was beginning to nibble at him.

Hilde sighed. Heero's eyes widened ever so slightly and he looked warily at her. She lifted her head and turned to him.

"How long have you been standing there?" she asked with a slight smile.

Heero shrugged. "A while."

Hilde looked down at her hands. "Seeing Duo..." she said slowly. "It was quite a surprise, wasn't it?"

"A bit."

Hilde looked up at him and laughed. "A _bit_? Honestly Heero! You are the _master_ of understatement!" she shook her head and stood up. "I thought I was going to die of shock when I saw him..."

"And now?" Heero asked carefully, he watched her face closely.

Hilde sighed. "I'm glad he's alive," she admitted. "And I'm sorry I hurt him so much, but..." she fiddled with the ends of her hair and glanced at Heero. "I'm not sorry, that I'm with you."

Heero felt a profound sense of relief wash over him. His stiff posture relaxed and Hilde laughed.

"Heero!" she cried. "You were worried that I would fall in love with Duo again!"

He looked away from her. "Maybe... you..."

She went to him and laid a hand on his arm. "I did love him, and I won't forget that, but..." she looped her arms around his neck and gently pushed his face so that he was looking at her. "Now, what's that Japanese phrase you taught me? Ah, Heero."

Heero put his arms around her and looked down at her. "Your accent is appalling," he told her sternly.

Hilde made a face. "Is _that_ all you can say?" she pouted.

"No," Heero moved his face closer to hers. "I can say... Aishiteru, kimi no koto wa itsudemo mamoru, Hilde."

Hilde blinked. "What does _that_ mean?"

Heero smiled and kissed her.


Duo sat on Relena's couch in her office. His expression was one of deep embarrassment.

"Ah... about just now..." he began.

"Don't worry about it," said Relena as she set a cup of coffee in front of him and took a chair opposite him. "Believe me, I completely understand."

Duo looked slyly at her. "Oh? And what did _you_ do Miss _Peace_craft? When you were given the news?"

Relena blushed faintly. "Duo, I hardly think..."

"Uh uh," Duo shook a finger at her. "I just blubbed in front of you! I'll thank you to have the decency to tell me how _you_ reacted!"

Relena drew in a deep breath. "Alright," she said. "But if you _ever_ tell anyone else I will have you... you... well, I'll abandon my ideals long enough to kill you!"

Duo raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

"I think Une knows," Relena said. "But I'm not going to ask her..." she bit her lip. "Well, Heero and Hilde told me and I was very polite about it while they were with me," she blushed a bit more. "But after they left I... er... threw a screaming hissy fit..."

Both of Duo's eyebrows went up at this and a choked chuckle escaped him.

Relena went really red and swallowed. "I said alot of... things... threw several objects at the wall and kicked pieces of furniture..." she coughed. "For about two hours."

Duo did laugh now. "Didn't people _hear_ you?" he asked.

Relena smiled faintly. "Well, Une knew about Heero and Hilde coming to see me and I guess she knew what it was about, so she made sure that there was nobody around. When I'd stopped and was just sniveling at my desk, she knocked on the door and asked if the cleaners should come in as soon as I'd left for the day!" Relena shook her head. "And she _never_ said a word about it otherwise."

Duo shrugged. "Maybe she went through that in private after Treize died," he suggested. He looked at Relena and grinned. "If the former Queen of the World can throw a temper tantrum..."

"Duo..." Relena growled warningly.

He held up his hands. "Okay, okay, I won't say a _word_, I promise!" he sobered then and looked into her eyes. "I appreciate you sharing that with me, Relena."

She smiled. "That's alright Duo."

Duo stretched and got to his feet. "Well, I best be off," he said.

Relena blinked. "What do you mean?" she asked.

Duo looked down at her. "Well, I did what I wanted to do," he said. "I should go now."

"Go?" Relena got to her feet. "Go where? Duo, you have no home, no job and no money!"

He grimaced. "Sure, rub it in..." he plucked at his shirt. "Still, you have a point, I don't even own these clothes... _you_ bought them for me!"

"Look, I'm happy to help you out," said Relena. "Do you want to visit any of the other pilots? Trowa? Quatre? Wufei?"

Duo blinked. "_Why_ the hell would I want to visit _Wufei_?" he queried, his train of thought derailed.

Relena spread her hands. "Well, he was a Gundam pilot, I don't know, maybe you two have something in common..."

Duo snorted. "Not likely! He thinks I'm irresponsible and I think he has a brass pole up his... *ahem*... sorry 'bout that..."

Relena fought the urge to giggle as Duo glance apologetically at her. "Well, Wufei does seem to be more relaxed since he and Sally got married," she explained.

Duo's jaw dropped. "Wh...AT??"

"Wufei and Sally got married seven months ago," Relena expanded. "And I think Sally's pregnant... three months... Duo? Are you alright?"

Duo slapped the front of his forehead several times. "I don't know," he muttered. "You're dead for a few months and the world turns upside-down..." he stared at Relena. "_Pregnant_?? Really?!"

She nodded and Duo laughed. "Oh God, I would have _loved_ to have seen Wuffie's face when he got _that_ piece of news!" he shook his head. "Well, then I _definitely_ don't want to see Wufei in that case, I don't think I could stand being around a... couple at the moment..."

"Hmmm... Then I guess Quatre is out too," said Relena thoughtfully.

"Don't tell me _he's_ married!"

Relena shook her head. "No, but he is currently dating Trowa's sister."

"_Catherine_?" Duo blinked. "How did Trowa take it?"

"Apparently he's happier about it than they are," said Relena. "He's been seen smiling an awful lot..."

Duo rolled his eyes. "Great..." he groaned. "My life is in pieces and everyone else is playing happy families!" he sighed. "Looks as if I'll have to go back to L2 and be a Sweeper again..." he looked wistful. "Alone again."

Relena pressed her fingertips together. "Duo... you could always just accompany me for a while," she suggested hesitantly. "I have to go to L4 for a conference tomorrow and I wouldn't mind... the company."

Duo rubbed the back of his head. "Well... I guess I don't have any better offers..."

Relena gave him a slightly peeved look. "Why _thank you_," she said sarcastically.

"Sorry!" Duo grinned disarmingly at her. "I didn't mean it like that! But..." he shrugged. "I don't want to be leeching off you, Relena, I need to get some sort of job and..."

"Oh, but I _need_ a new security guard," said Relena carelessly. "One of my former ones is in hospital with a few broken ribs caused by..."

"Heheheh... Sorry about that." Duo flushed. "Okay, okay... I get the point!"

Relena smiled. "So, you'll come?"

Duo smiled back at her. "Sure, I'll tag along and keep an eye on ya. Who knows? It might be fun!"



Five Years later:


Heero adjusted his collar and checked his watch for the third time in ten minutes.

"Hilde!" He called up the stairs. "We'll be late."

"I _know_!" his wife's slightly breathless voice echoed down to him. "I'm coming!"

"Do you need some help?" Heero asked.

"No, no... Everything’s under... control... ACK!" There was a thud, a giggle and a yowl. Heero raised an eyebrow as a ginger streak zoomed down the stairs and out of the open door.

"I take it you tripped over the cat," he said mildly.

"However did you guess?" Hilde came down the stairs a little awkwardly, thrown slightly off-balance by the small burden she held on one hip.

Heero smiled and went to her and relieved her of the weight of their three-year-old son. Shinobu Yuy yawned and rubbed his blue eyes.

"Where we goin'?" he asked.

"To a wedding, Shinobu," said Hilde. "Of two of Mama and Papa's best friends."

"What's a wedding?"

Hilde rolled her eyes. "Hoo boy, you can explain this one!" she said to Heero. "I'll go and get the wedding present."

Heero looked reproachfully at her. Hilde laughed. "It's a mission," she teased.

"Mission acknowledged," he said with a smile.

Heero carried Shinobu out to the car and buckled him into the car seat, all the while trying to explain what a wedding was. He reflected that having an inquisitive small son meant that he could no longer keep his answers short. 'What', 'why' and 'how' were Shinobu's favourite words at the moment and he always expected to be answered! Still, Heero was glad that the boy had inherited Hilde's outgoing temperament and not his more serious demeanour.

Hilde hurried out, locking the door behind her, and got into the front passenger seat. In her hands she held a large well-wrapped present. Shinobu was _very_ interested in the present and had to be quickly distracted. Heero started the car and they were on their way.

The church wasn't far, just half-an-hour away. People were still arriving as they got there, Hilde remarked that obviously not everyone ran to Heero Yuy time, which Heero ignored.

After parking the car, they walked inside.

"Heero! Hilde!" A familiar figure approached them.

"Wufei!" Hilde smiled at the Chinese man. "How are you? Heero and I haven't see you for a few months."

"Well, things have been quite busy lately," Wufei explained.

"How is Sally? And the girls?" Heero asked.

"We're fine," Sally Po Chang stood up to greet Heero and Hilde as they approached the front pews. Beside Sally sat two little girls, one a bit over four and the other just two. Sally bent over them. "Mayling, June, say hello," she prompted.

"Hello!" said Mayling brightly smiling at them. She looked a lot like Sally, except her hair was black. June gazed at them with big black eyes and giggled. She seemed very interested in Shinobu who matched her regard.

"Let them sit together," said Sally. "June quite likes Shinobu."

Heero put Shinobu down next to June and Mayling and the children began giggling and chattering. Mayling would from time to time try and act more aloof, but she kept getting drawn in.

Wufei smiled proudly. "Mayling will be starting school next year," he told Heero and Hilde as they sat down. "But she should be well ahead, Sally and I have already taught her to read, and she can speak some Chinese."

Heero shook his head. "Children grow up so fast," he said with a touch of sadness in his voice.

Hilde pressed his hand. "I know," she said. "Why Wufei, next thing you know Mayling will be dating!"

Wufei frowned. "Not until she's thirty-five," he paused. "If _ever_!"

Sally rolled her eyes. "Wufei..."

Hilde laughed. "I'm sure there will be someone worthy of her!" she said.

"But you should watch out for Heero's kid," said a familiar voice nearby. "He might turn out to be a sneaky as his dad!"

They all turned and saw Duo standing by the pew, his mischievous grin on his face.

Heero got to his feet. "You're not going to let that go are you?" he said resignedly.

Duo chuckled. "Stop using the only ammunition I have against you? Hell no!"

"Duo!" Hilde shot him a reproving frown, although Heero simply smiled slightly.

He just smiled disarmingly at her and Hilde's frown melted into a soft smile. She got up and hugged Duo. "How are you feeling?" she asked him.

Duo swallowed. "As if I'm going up against a hundred mobile dolls in a souped-up Leo! Why did I let you talk me into this?" he wailed. "I'm too young!"

"_I_ talked you into this!" Hilde gasped indignantly. "Duo Maxwell! I did _no_ such thing! All I said was that you had been with Relena for five years and wasn't it time you did something about it!"

"I call that talking me into it," said Duo, he looked appealingly at Heero. "Don't you agree, Yuy?"

Heero raised an eyebrow. "I'm not getting involved in this one," he said calmly.

"Duo!" Quatre raced up to him. "Come on! The ceremony is about to start... oh, hi Heero and Hilde... nice to see you! Come on Duo!"

"It's too late to run, isn't it?" said Duo plaintively as Quatre dragged him up the aisle.

"Is Relena being bullied by her bridesmaids as much as Duo is by his best man?" Hilde asked Sally as they watched Quatre push Duo into place at the top of the aisle, next to Trowa - the other groomsman.

Sally shook her head. "I went to see her earlier and she was having a small bout of pre-wedding nerves, but Mariemaya and Catherine both told me that she's really very happy," she said.

"That's good," said Hilde taking her seat next to Heero. "I see that Zechs and Noin both managed to make it."

"I don't think Zechs would miss his sister's wedding for _anything_!" said Sally.

At that moment the familiar strains of the wedding march began. Sally pulled June onto her lap and Wufei hushed Mayling, while Heero pulled Shinobu onto his lap. Hilde turned and looked down the aisle.

Relena walked up in a beautiful white gown attended by Catherine and Marimaya both wearing pale blue. Relena's eyes were fixed on Duo, but as she passed Heero and Hilde she glanced briefly at them and smiled.

Hilde smiled back and Heero nodded. As Relena moved on Hilde sighed slightly and nestled closer to Heero. He put one arm around her and hugged her shoulders, with his other hand he held Shinobu gently. Hilde laid her head on his shoulder and listened as the priest began the ceremony. Memories swirled through her mind, of her and Duo and what they had once shared, Duo's 'death', her grief and her awakening love for Heero. Hilde looked up at Heero's face and felt no regrets for the change in direction that her life had taken.

*Things are just as they should be. Heero and I are happy, we have Shinobu and each other, and now we're here watching the two other most important people in our lives commit to each other...*

"Perfect," murmured Hilde.

"What is?" Heero asked softly.

She smiled at him. "Everything," she said and turned her attention back to watching Duo and Relena take their vows.

The End

Authors Note:

I'm sure alot of people would like to know _what_ the title means! ^_^ Well, it basically translates as 'I will always protect you' - something that Heero does so well for Hilde here!

This fanfic came about for several different reasons... firstly all the people on the Gundam Wing mailing lists that kept mentioning various possible pair-ups, the Duo x Relena fics where Heero always died, and my own whacked-out imagination! This is my first 'angst' Gundam Wing fic and it turned out alot better than I expected! Of course the ending is not 'angsty' at all, but I thought a happy ending was needed, after all the trials I put Heero, Duo, Hilde and Relena through!

Oh, and people may be wondering what the cat's name (AJ) stands for... well, actually nothing! It just came into my head and seemed like a good name for the cat! No special meaning AT ALL ^_^!

Thanks to all the people who encouraged me to keep writing this (even if it was with threats of death or abusing my Gundam clones! ^_-). I wouldn't have finished this so quickly without you!


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