The In-Laws

A One Piece Fanfic

By Jaelle

Rating: G. Humour.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Koby/Rika (the little girl who feeds Zoro riceballs WAAAAY back at his first appearance).
Setting: Erm... *mentally estimates Rika's age at time of series* Bout ten years in the future? Rika's 18, Koby's older.

Summary: Wedding. Marines. Pirates. Is silly.

Koby waited at the middle of the aisle as the vision in white floated towards him, soon to join him in loving, holy matrimony for as long as they both would live.

"Last chance to run," Helmeppo muttered in his ear, surrepticiously checking the distance to the side door.

"Shut up, I'm trying to remember this moment."

"I'm just saying."

"Shhh!" Koby hissed and allowed the sparkly pastels to cloud his vision again as his fiancee, escorted by her cousin on her father's side with the ridiculously large mustache, came even with him and wrapped a tiny, gloved hand around his proffered forearm. Her two attendants fussed briefly with her veil and train and then settled in behind them as the group made their way towards the waiting priest.

"Too late now," Helmeppo observed.

"I'm ignooooooring you."

His fiancee bent her head towards him, "Is Helmeppo STILL trying to convince you to change your mind?"

"Eh heh," Koby smiled a little harder. "Don't worry, I'm ignoring him."

Rika smiled sneakily. "That's a relief. You might want to let him know that as Best Man, if you make a run for it, he has to marry me instead."

There was a loud swallow and Helmeppo gripped Koby's arm tightly. "You're not going anywhere."

The bridesmaids giggled. Koby risked a look back at them, hoping to recognise them from the village, but they were both heavily veiled as well.

"Koby darling?"

"Yes, Rika?" Koby flushed at the endearment and turned his gaze back to his soon-to-be wife. As he did so his gaze flickered across Admiral Garp, his first commanding officer, and the man who taught him what it really meant to be a marine. The two men exchanged nods, and then Koby devoted his attention to Rika. "What is it?"

"You love me, don't you?"

Koby blushed. "With all my heart."

"Oh, good," Rika's head dipped slightly. "Because, well, I made one teeny tiny little change to the wedding plans. I hope you don't mind."

"Whatever you want, it's YOUR day, after all." Koby felt on top of the world. He was finally marrying the girl of his dreams. Nothing could beat this feeling.

The group had finally made their way past the marine honour guard and Helmeppo released his grip on Koby's arm as the two of them prepared to go up the steps for the vows. Koby turned with a grin to help Rika up the last few steps and paused. Her cousin was still hanging on to her arm.

"You're supposed to give the bride away now, stupid!" One of the bridesmaids hissed. Koby looked up at the man and felt the world fall away from him.

"I'm thinking about it," Roronoa Zoro said, his false mustache slipping slightly.


They made a beautiful pair, kneeling before the priest.

"You invited ZORO?? And asked him to GIVE YOU AWAY???"

"But... if it weren't for him, we would never have met, darling."

"Rika, half the marine high command is SITTING IN THE CHURCH!!"

"But they're on the Groom's side, so it's okay."

"... Rika, please tell me that the Bride's side is full of members of your family."

"Well, they're practically family."

The priest looked at the groom funny as he apparently suffered a loud fit of coughing.

"Are you actually telling me that you invited a bunch of PIRATES to our WEDDING?!"

"I couldn't help it, it seemed rude to leave them out. And I needed bridesmaids anyway and Nami and Robin were so eager, and Sanji made the most beautiful cake. Usopp and Tony were so helpful too, with their comments about what to do tonight, although I'm not sure about some of the things Usopp said."

"Oh God."

"And Luffy's your friend too."

"Luffy's here??!!"

The groom surged to his feet and looked around the Church wildly, before he was sharply tugged down by his bride-to-be.

"I don't see him on your side."

"Well no, he said he was YOUR friend, so he should sit on the groom's side."


The bride yanked the groom back onto his knees.

"Stop that, people are beginning to talk."

"This isn't happening to me. Where is he?"

"I think I saw him in the row behind Smoker."

The groom began to shake from the emotion of the moment. The crowd smiled at this fondly, except for the bride's cousin, who growled.

"Anyway, does it really matter if they're pirates? They're friends, and they want to wish you well on this happy day. Isn't that enough?"

As the priest pronounced them man and wife, Koby sighed and embraced married life.

"Yes, dear."

They kissed, and a great cheer went up from the assembled family and friends.

It just drowned out the first yell of "PIRATES!"

Afterwards, it was widely agreed that the reception was the most exciting part of the evening.

Fortunately, there was enough cake for everyone.


Author's notes: No, I don't know why I wrote this fic, except that I always wanted to pair those two and have Zoro secretly give Rika away. It just makes me go awww...

The ending is too sudden and too much like my FMA story "Wedding Belles", but oh well. I kind of ran out of ideas, and there's only so many ways one can end a wedding, really.

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