Spy in the House of Peace
A Gundam Wing Fanfic
By Jaelle

Disclaimer: They were nearly mine, but they self-destructed before I could get my hands on them.

Heero Yuy sucked in air in slow, controlled breaths. So this was the way it would all end, brought low by an unfortunate sequence of events surrounding _her_. Relena Darlian. Relena Peacecraft. Queen Relena. No matter the name, it was always she who broke through his defences and hiding places, seeking him out, feeling his gaze upon her like caressing fingers instead of eyes watching from afar.

Mentally he reviewed his plan. It had been simple, but brilliant. Infiltrate and acquire the information currently held in one place only – the mind of the girl-woman standing before him. He marvelled at the simplicity of her own defences. Noone could give away the information, and no computer could be persuaded to part with it… because it was held tightly within the un-hackable location of her brain. It had taken him days to find this out, and now he cursed the wasted time. If he hadn't had to check all of the documents in the secret vault in the library and the smaller, more personal one in her office; if he hadn't had to hack every database and computer port in the house, he never would have been caught spying, and dragged before her now.

For a long, lingering moment their eyes met; his dark and hidden, hers lighter and more open, vulnerable. Eventually, her gaze dropped and she took the papers from his hand and examined them, trying to find the reason why he had penetrated her security and hidden from her for weeks. Finding the relevant page, her face fell in pain, both from disappointment and betrayal.

"Oh Heero…" she sighed. "How could you?"

"For Heaven's sake! We've been going out for three years now. If you wanted my mother's secret recipe for Chicken Kiev, you could have just _asked_ me."


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