Hidden Scars

A DNAngel drabble

By Jaelle

Rating: R (for darkness and mature themes)
Warnings: Implied child abuse.
Written for the dnangel100 community, the challenge was "discipline".

Satoshi has always met every expectation his "father" has had of him.

It's not like he had a choice, after all.

People whisper about his youth and brilliance (and occasionally about his pretty, pretty features, but there's nothing he can do about those). They rave about his absolute dedication to his work.

"You must be so proud," women coo at his "father". Men say loudly that they hope Satoshi-kun will be an example to their own sons; "A fine heir, someone to carry on the family name with honour."

It makes Satoshi want to be sick.

His "father" accepts the praise with polite modesty, and tells everyone how proud he is of his cute little son.

Satoshi's room is cold and bare and empty. There are few items of furniture, and he's earned every one of them.

"Oh Satoshi, only 99 percent on your exam? Is that really going to be good enough to defeat Dark with? I think you need to be reminded of the value of discipline. Hold still, son. And remember, I only do this because I love you."

No matter how long the punishment lasts, "Father" is always careful never to leave marks.

Krad never leaves marks too, at least not outwardly. One day, after he's been unable to raise his aching, nauseated body out of bed, it occurs to Satoshi that he must surely have the most bruised, battered, and scarred over soul in the world.

{Don't be silly, Satoshi-sama,} Krad's voice whispers in his mind.

{You don't have a soul.}


A/N: Kay, see, there was supposed to be a slightly happier ending. Only when I got to the end of the fic it had disappeared. Did anybody see where it went?

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