Growing Up

A Prince of Tennis fanfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Still not mine
Rating: G
Characters: Echizen, Momoshirou (no pairings - although if you really WANTED to I guess you could see it)

Momoshirou glared down at the shorter boy. "It's nearly dinner time."

Ryoma looked at him incredulously. "You're STILL hungry?" He knew that Momo could put away more food than even himself, but after 20 or so burgers, a variety of meat buns and half a dozen snacks from the vending machines he would have thought his gangly senior could wait half an hour before his next meal.

"I'm SAYING, it's nearly dinner time, and we've been hanging out since school finished for the day," Momo elaborated.

Ryoma stared at him blankly, waiting for him to make a point.

"And FURTHERMORE, I know that you know that today was the second round of ranking matches for the high school team," Momo continued after a few minutes of silence.

Ryoma decided that this, being tennis related, at least deserved acknowledgement. "Mmmm."

"AND I know that you know that I was matched up against that stupid viper yesterday."

There was a long pause. "Well then, if we both know, and we both know that we know, what is there to talk about?" Ryoma asked.

"YOU BRAT!!!!" Momo grabbed him and proceeded to noogie him thoroughly. "You didn't even ask how the match went!"

"You lost," Ryoma choked out.

Momo froze. "How did you know that?"

Ryoma's reply was somewhat faint "... net."

All of the colour drained out of Momo's face. "Someone posted it on the internet?"

"No..." Ryoma freed himself with some effort. "On the tennis net."


Ryoma sighed and poked his friend in the side. "The only one likely to be blasting holes in the net is you and your dunk smashes. I saw them throwing it out when I went to see what was taking you so long to arrive. Your aim is off these days."

Momo went red. "It's not my fault! I'm going through another growth spurt!"

"I noticed," Ryoma said wryly. "Maybe you should try out for basketball instead."

"Huh! What's the matter?" Momo's eyes narrowed. "Scared of the competition?"


"Brat!" Momo aimed a swat at Ryoma's head, which missed. "Maybe YOU should try growing a little! Are you drinking your milk like Inui-sempai told you?"

"Momo-sempai, if I drink any more milk I will turn into a cow," Ryoma told him firmly. "I can't help being short, any more than you can help being a beanpole."



"Alright, that's it," Momo rolled up his uniform jacket sleeves menacingly. "You and me, tennis match RIGHT NOW. I'll teach you to be disrespectful to your sempai!"

"But I already KNOW how to be... OW!! That hurt!"

"Come on, hurry up. I've got just enough time to wipe the court with you before dinner."

"Ha! You wish!" Ryoma allowed himself a small smirk as he watched Momoshirou's eyes fill up with a familiar fire once more, sweeping the depression away.

Much better. Being sad really didn't suit him.

"You've still got a long way to go, Momo-sempai," Ryoma said smugly.

Momo bared his teeth at him. "Not as far as you do... shorty."




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