A sequel to The Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour
by Jaelle and Orla

Miyuki's Theme:
'Run, run, run
  Run further be free
  Watch me take charge
  Watch me be me
  Life is for living
  Grab with both hands
  I'm gonna take charge
  Just as only I can! ***
  I've been...
  Lost and confused
  Not knowing...
  How I should choose
  People are cruel
  It's so hard not to bow
  But remember...
  There's always one truth...
  Be tough, stand tall
  Give it your all!
  Smile and face the world
  Be courageous and true
  Always make sure...
  Love will shine through!
  I'm gonna take charge
  Just as only I can!'

Episode One: 'It's Miyuki! A generation meets.'

Episode Two: 'A Reunion! A challenge! Sorata vs Miyuki.'

Episode Three: 'Afterwards! Rivals? Friends?'

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