Friends Forever
A Project: A-ko Fanfic
by Jaelle

Disclaimer: Don't own em, (thank goodness, I could never afford the property insurance!) never will. Copyrights held by others, no infringement intended.

Another day in Graviton City. A-Ko had awakened at her normal hour (late), rushed through dressing and breakfast at the speed of sound (or as near as was possible without bringing the house down around her ears) and grabbed her best friend, C-ko, on the way out.

"A-ko! You're LATE!" C-ko wailed directly into A-ko's ear.

"I'm sorry," A-ko forced a smile and tried to not to whimper as the headache she'd woken up with took an abrupt turn for the worse. No more damn ice cream before bed. Brain freeze hangovers were hell.

"We're gonna be laaaaateee..." C-ko whined.

"Not if we... HURRY!" A-ko sped up, trying to outrun sound.


But nothing could outrun that sound. Oh well. As they neared the school A-ko could see the light glinting off B-ko's latest weapon of mass destruction. Didn't that girl _sleep_?

"A-ko!" B-ko proclaimed as her rival neared. "Today is the day!"

"A-ko! We'll be LATE AGAIN!"

"It's okay C-ko... I'll..."

"I shall defeat you!"

"B-ko, could you just give a rest for toda..."

"And I dropped my LUNCH! WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!"

"C-ko, there there, don't cr..."

"And take C-ko from you and we will be happy together!" B-ko interrupted.





A-ko paused for a second as B-ko and C-ko both stared at her, waiting for her reaction to their words. She chewed her lip.

"The heck with it," she said at last. "She's yours."

B-ko blinked. "Pardon?"

"Here you go." A-ko picked C-ko up and handed her to the other girl. "And I'm sure the two of you will be very happy together." Turning on her heel she began to walk down the hill.

"Wait! A-ko! Where are you GOING?!" Two voices rang out in harmonised whines.

"I'm going back to bed, see ya!" A-ko waved and started to run again.


What do you know? She COULD beat the speed of sound. A-ko chuckled and headed home.

The End


Authors Notes:

Well, _I_ can't see why she'd want to keep her. :-)

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