Explanation, Interrupted

A Detective Conan Drabblefic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine. Gosho Aoyama owns all.
Written in response to a challenge from Vikki - Ran almost finds out.
Rating: G.
Setting: Mid-series.

Ran had Shinichi right where she wanted him.

Backed against a wall with no visible means of escape.

"So, to sum up," she ticked off the points on her fingers. "I have analysed all the evidence like a good detective, and applied Holmesian logic, and therefore... incredible as it may seem, I believe that you and Conan are the same person. Now, what is going on, Shinichi?"

Suddenly, a loud scream interupted them. "AAAAAHHHH!!! HE'S DEAD!"

"OhnowhatatragedyBYE!" Shinichi rushed into the corridor outside, and nearly tripped over Conan.


Ai lowered the voice changer, glaring at him, "You owe me."

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