A DNAngel drabble

By Jaelle

Rating: G
Written for the dnangel100 community, the challenge was "family".

On Christmas morning, Daisuke presented Dark with a present.

//For me? Really?// Dark sounded thrilled, and Daisuke grinned, hoping it really had been a surprise for the thief. It had been awkward to shop for, wondering all the while if Dark was watching from somewhere in the back of his mind (or whereever he resided) and laughing at him, but his other half certainly SOUNDED surprised.

Daisuke offered to switch over so that Dark could unwrap his own present, and so it was that the world's most notorious Phantom Thief was to be sitting cross-legged on his bed, surrounded by shreds of brightly coloured wrapping paper and ribbons, clutching a very cool-looking black leather trenchcoat.

"This must have been expensive," Dark said, sounding pleased and trying not to. "You didn't have to get me anything you know."

{{Of course I did,}} Daisuke's voice was firm in the back of his mind.

{{You're family.}}

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