Heart's Desire

An Azumanga Daioh Fanfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Setting: Post-series.
Rating: G. Fluff.
Written in answer to a challenge from shaycaron, who requested "Azumanga Daioh, something with Maya in it".

Sakaki doesn't date, despite many offers

"Wow, the guys really pant after you," Tomo says admiringly. "That's the third one in the last hour!"

"TOMO! Don't make Sakaki sound like... well... don't say things like that!" Yomi looks embarassed. Sakaki is too, although she makes "it's alright" noises.

"You should date though," Tomo continues, oblivious, "I mean, you don't want to turn into one of those old ladies living alone with a bunch of cats."

Sakaki blinks, and suddenly sees herself old and living alone, in a house filled to the brim with mini-Mayas.

And suddenly discovers her heart's desire.


A/N: *laughs* This is kinda based on MY heart's desire. When I was growing up, my big dream was to live all by myself in a house of my own with two cats. *shakes fist at her husband* You ruined my childhood dream!!!

(The husband, who has heard this complaint before, ignores Jaelle).

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