You've Got Corpses! :-)

A Detective Conan Drabblefic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine. Gosho Aoyama owns all.
Rating: G.
Setting: Mid-series.
A/N: Inspired while I was working on Explanation, Interrupted.

Ran leaned forward angrily, "Now, what is going on, Shinichi?!"

Suddenly, a loud scream interupted them. "AAAAAHHHH!!! HE'S DEAD!"

Both teens jumped, and Ran stared at Shinichi, who fumbled in his pockets, swearing frantically. "What in the...?"

Another scream, cut off abruptly after Shinichi successfully hauled out his cellphone and punched a few buttons.

"Sorry," the teen detective said sheepishly. "Heiji fiddled with the settings last time we saw each other and I can't get the damn thing to change back."

Ran stared at him some more as the cellphone cheerfully announced, in a broad Osakan accent, "You've got corpses!"

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