Concentration is the Key

A DNAngel drabble

By Jaelle

Rating: PG-13
Written for the dnangel100 community, the challenge was "discipline". I wrote two responses to this challenge, this one was an attempt to find a happier place than the other one "Hidden Scars" wound up being in.

There's a certain mental discipline required to pick locks. It's a situation in which, quite literally, concentration is the key.

However there's more to lockpicking than that. Any schmuck can learn to pick a lock with the right tools and training, and under the right circumstances.

A Phantom Thief though, needs to be able to pick locks with anything, under any circumstances. With a thumbnail and a toothpick, while trying to avoid the attacks of a blonde, winged, homicidal maniac, for example. Which, no bragging intended, Daisuke Niwa had done just two nights ago.

Therefore it made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER that he could not get the door of the hotel room closet open, given that it was a pathetically easy lock and he actually had his best set of lockpicks AND a small torch on him at the moment.

"How are you doing?"

Of course, Daisuke thought to himself as he dropped his wire twist for the third time in ten minutes, part of the problem could be the COMPANY he was in. He was NOT used to performing for an audience. Fumbling around on the floor after his tool he paused and looked upwards, his face going red as the torchlight was turned to illuminate him.

"Sorry about this, Hiwatari-kun," he apologised awkwardly.

Satoshi took in the picture of Daisuke, kneeling before him with his hair ruffled, clothes disheveled and face adorably flushed, and exercised some mental discipline of his own.

"Think nothing of it, Niwa-kun."

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