Cold Heart

A Detective Conan Challenge Ficlet

By Orla

Disclaimer: Gosho Aoyama owns all and doesn't publish this series fast enough, damn it.

The Challenge

Challenger: Rhina
Series: Detective Conan
Character: Vermouth
Title: Cold Heart
Dialogue: "There is nothing so satisfactory as revenge."

Three darts.

Three photographs.

Three targets.

Vermouth smiled coldly. Akai, Sherry, and Jodie… she was thwarted of their deaths last time, but she was a patient predator. She could wait.

Ice-blue eyes narrowed and she picked up the fourth dart. Slender fingers caressed the sharp, cold point. There was another target…


The dart found its mark. Dead centre.

She laughed and shook a finger at the face in the photograph… that of her true prey, boy detective, Shinichi Kudo.

“Remember, Cool Guy, there is nothing so satisfactory as revenge.”

Vermouth smirked. “And I always get it, no matter what.”

The End

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