Or, Catch and Kiss
A Kaitou Kid Fic
By Jaelle

Gosho Aoyama owns all, as usual. Flibble.

"Dammit Kaitou Kid, this time you've gone too far! Come back here!"

"Catch me if you can!" The mysterious thief Kaitou Kid laughed mockingly at his erstwhile opponent, and continued fleeing the scene of his latest crime.

"I'll get you if it's the last thing I ever do!" Hakuba shouted, sprinting in pursuit.

Brilliantly lit up by the spotlights down below, their voices amplified by the microphones hidden throughout the building in a police attempt to be able to hear the Kid coming (or, in this case, going), the two figures ran across the roof of the building. Below them, hundreds of fans watched, cheering along whoever was their favourite.

"Run Kaitou!"

"You can get him Hakuba!"

News helicopters flew over head, catching the chase in all its dramatic glory.

Hakuba felt the familiar frustration boil up in his stomach as once again the Kaitou Kid seemed to be getting ahead.

And then suddenly, the Kid stumbled. In shock, Hakuba launched himself at the other boy, tackling him and bringing him down, the two of them rolling over and over and finally stopping with the phantom thief pinned under the detective.

"I've got you?" Hakuba blinked. "I've got you!"

A roar went up from the crowd.

"I always knew you'd be the one to catch me," the Kid said huskily.

The crowd instantly went dead silent.

Hakuba's jaw dropped.

Taking advantage of his frozen shock, the Kid reversed their positions with a sudden twist. Straddling the detective he bent down and kissed him firmly on the lips.

There was a long pause.

Then a cry of "SQUUEEE!!!" went up from a hundred thousand females, all over Japan.

Kaitou broke the kiss and winked at Hakuba. "Have fun," he muttered, too quietly for the microphones to pick up, before jumping to his feet and making good his escape.

Hakuba lay on the rooftop for a long minute before a strangled shout forced its way past his lips.

"I'm gonna KILL that sonofabitch!!"

Fortunately it was in English, so most of those present didn't catch his meaning.


The next day, Kaito Kuroba was happily teasing his friend Aoko on their way to school.

"Jerk!" She yelled, swinging her mop at him, "Moron!"

"Ah, such a lovely voice," he mocked, ducking easily. "I bet..."


They both turned to see a somewhat battered Hakuba glaring at Kaito. "You utter, utter, utter, UTTER BASTARD! I am going to..."




Hakuba went pale. A slow smirk spread itself across Kaito's face. "I think your fan club is calling..." he said sweetly. "HAKUBA!"



"Nooooo..." Hakuba shook his head. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" He screamed as a stampeding herd of fangirls turned the corner and all glomped on to him at once. "Let go! I'm gonna…"

"Hakuba's the best!"

"We love you Haku-chan!"


"Haku-chan! Will you sign my doujinshi?!"

Kaito snickered and looked at Aoko, who'd gone to bed early the previous night and missed the whole thing. "Yaoi fangirls," he said by way of explanation. "What can you do?"

Confused Aoko shook herself as a bell rang out. "We're gonna be late."

The two ran off, leaving behind a churning mass of squeals and a muffled cry:


The End.

Author's Notes:

This fic is solely the fault of Meg and Icka. Meg's fault cos of her catch-and-glomp fic, and Icka's fault because of her explanation of DC yaoi plotlines. I just liked the idea of Kaito deliberately setting Hakuba up so that he'll be mobbed by fangirls and be unable to get near the Kid.

And cos I love the idea of Hakuba being chased around by hordes of girls calling him "Haku-chan". *snerks*

"Chasies" is what we used to call, "Catch and Kiss" when I was in primary school. It's a very old game - the girls chase the boys around, and if they catch em, they kiss em. Since boys of around 8 usually think girls are icky, this is quite a fun game (for girls anyway). I was going to call the story Catch and Kiss, but I thought it gave too much away. I may change my mind later though.

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