A Bleach Fanfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: G. Fluff.
Written in response to an art drabble meme by Pentapus, who posted various artworks and asked for fics based on them. The Bleach one this was based on can be found in her entry here.

Kon watched Rukia place the Ichigo plushie on the shelf jealously. She settled it carefully, making sure it was sitting straight and tall. Nearby, the plushies of her fellow shinigami slumped messily. They never got the kind of treatment that the Ichigo plushie got.

He wondered if she'd treat it like that if he was in that body, instead of the silly lion doll.

Probably not.

She didn't even treat him nicely when he was in the body of the real thing.

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