Call Me Princess

A Macross Challenge Ficlet

By Orla

Disclaimer: The characters and settings of this fic do not belong to me. Alas.

The Challenge

Challenger: Miyuki Mina
Series: Macross
Character: Minmay
Title: Call me Princess
Dialogue: "I have everything, and at the same time, nothing".

"Minmay! Minmay! We love you!"

The crowd chanted her name over and over, clapping and cheering, some even sobbing as they showed their adoration of the diminutive figure standing on the stage. Minmay bowed again and kissed her hand to the audience who cheered even louder. "I love you too!" she cried, waving and smiling before the curtain descended.

Later, in her dressing room, Minmay sat in front of her mirror and wiped away her makeup. Tonight was a great success and she hummed softly, still feeling the buzz. On the table was the tour schedule and she traced down the destinations with one slender finger. "And the last stop is... Macross City.." she said aloud and felt her heart lurch. "It's been a year..."

Minmay glanced back up at her reflection. Staring back at her was the girl whose voice helped inspire and win over the Zentradi, the girl who was adored by so many and had achieved all her childhood dreams. On a war-torn earth, Minmay was the one that shone the brightest, representing hope for the future.

But not one of her adoring public knew the secret despair that she carried with her.

"I have everything, and at the same time, nothing," Minmay whispered to her reflection. A tear slid down one smooth cheek. "I don't have you... Hikaru."

The tears come down thickly now as she thought about the handsome pilot she loved. She liked him from the moment she met him, but had run away from the all too obvious love she saw in his eyes. She didn't want to be tied down to one boy, she had wanted to be a star and Hikaru wasn't part of the plan. It was only later, when the pressure became too much and she was tired of being a star that she thought of his love and ran towards it, desperate to recall the carefree girl she had been.

But it was too late. Someone else was in Hikaru's life and while Hikaru would always care about Minmay, his true love was now Misa Hayase.

Minmay clenched her fists, remembering her frantic attempts to stop Hikaru from fulfilling his duty and convince him to stay with her. Even then, she had known she'd lost him, but was desperate to deny it and live the bubblegum pink dream of love and marriage she thought she wanted... she still wanted.

Her manager’s voice came from outside and startled her. Minmay dashed away her tears and drew in a deep breath. Regrets must be put aside once again. Lynn Minmay belonged to the people; she was their princess and their inspiration. Like Hikaru and Misa she had a duty to perform. No matter what the cost.

The End

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