Let Him Wear Cake

By Jaelle

This is based on the anime series Sailor Moon, the Stars series, and takes place in the episode: "Night Between Us! Usagi's Pinch".

The characters in this story are all the property of Naoko Takeuchi *grovel grovel*, who will hopefully forgive my using them. I am basing this on the anime series in which the Stars are men in their human form and women in their transformed form.

"Feh!" Seiya spat some errant water out of his mouth and raised his face back to the shower head. The warm water felt good running down his body as it cleaned away the remains of the cake that Chibi Chibi had deposited all over him.

*Have to admit though, it was good cake.* he thought wryly. *I just wish that more of it had gotten _into_ me instead of _onto_ me.*

"Well," he said ruefully, "I lost my chance to tell."

And things had been going so well up until that point! He'd _finally_ managed to make time with Usagi on her own... it was all very well to be popular but the number of meddlesome females who swarmed around her was almost enough to rival the ones that stalked his brothers and himself sometimes. And he was an idol singer! Not that he couldn't see the appeal of course, Usagi carried a bright light inside of her, and was always willing to share its warmth. Who wouldn't want to spend time with her? But still, a guy likes to have privacy with the girl he's interested in sometimes, especially when he's trying to tell her that his deepest secrets. Sometimes he wondered if they were doing it on purpose - especially that Haruka. *I wonder if Usagi's boyfriend had this problem too,* Seiya speculated idly.

No, don't think about him. You're trying to steal the mans girlfriend for crying out loud! Grimly Seiya reflected on the picture of his rival that he'd seen earlier in the evening. Cute guy, but not as cute as Seiya. And, more to the point, not here either. Seiya turned off the shower. Honestly, what sort of man leaves a prize like Usagi behind while he swans off halfway round the world? He doesn't _deserve_ her!

Seiya wiped the water from his face decisively and looked around the bathroom. Okay, focus on the situation at hand. You and Usagi... (and Chibi Chibi but she must go to bed _sometime_ soon right?) alone in her house for the night... Seiya grinned. It had been a stroke of heaven-sent luck to overhear Usagi worrying about being all alone tonight, and offer to be her bodyguard. His smile turned evil as he briefly contemplated pretending to be an intruder and scaring her *Wonder if she's the clinging type*. But no, remember what a disaster it had been _last_ time he'd tried that. He shook his head and droplets sprayed everywhere. Serious time now. He had to talk to Usagi! His eyes focused. Where were the damn towels? There was one with a cute pink bunny on it, he grimaced. *No prize for working out whose that is. Come on, come on.* But no, his eyes told him. Usagi, with her customary efficiency, had forgotten to give him a towel. Desperately he searched the bathroom. A small white towel was hanging up by the bath. *Well, it'll have to do.* He dried himself off and picked up his clothes. *Ugh, yuck! Covered in sticky cake. Bleaugh!* he sighed, then brightened up. *There must be something in this place that I can wear till we've washed these*. He hesitated, then wrapped the towel around his middle. *I think Usagi's in the kitchen. And after all, she's the only one here, and I want to impress her, right?* he grinned and opened the door.

"Hey dumpling! Lend me some clothes, mine are all sticky!" he yelled, striding out of the bathroom.

"Chibi Chibi!"

*Gak, not again!* he turned around. To see Usagi at the open doorway with her hands over her face... and Makoto, Minako, Ami and Rei all gawping at him. A horrified expression spread over his face and he brought up one hand in a feeble attempt to cover his chest, only to have to snap it down again to grab the towel around his middle in a death grip as Chibi Chibi tried to pull it off.

"Chibi Chibi's!" she insisted.

"Hey, stop! Stop it!"

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!" squealed the girls.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Seiya echoed. He held onto the towel with everything he had.

*NO! Not THAT!* Turning, sweeping ChibiChibi along with him, he vanished back into the bathroom. When the child refused to let go of her towel, he spun her round, let go, and pushed her out the door, taking care to stay out of sight on the other side, and them slamming it behind her. He leant against the door. *AAAAAAAAAAAARGHHH!!!!* He banged his head against the doorway. *I cannot BELIEVE this!* The shame, the humiliation! *Oh God, if the papers ever get hold of this... Dammit, now I'm _never_ going to be rid of Minako!*

As Seiya contemplated his future, his face was bleak. *Kamisama, please don't let anyone find out about this. Anything but that...* His mind shuddered at the horror. What if his brothers found out about this? What would Taiki say? What would _Yaten_ say? He winced at the thought of his silver haired brothers acid tongue. He could almost hear the words - "So you thought you'd try telling Usagi how you feel. You just decided to ignore our princess, the _only_ woman for us... for the dumpling?" Seiya wished fervently that he was a million miles away and then he groaned as the worst part hit him.

After this, and he knew that Minako would blab it to all and sundry, there was no WAY in a million years he was ever going to be able to get near Usagi alone again!

*Argh! I wish I was DEAD! It's not fair!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEASE don't let my brothers find out about this!*

Later, when his brothers arrived to find him, along with all the girls, covered in various foodstuffs, clothes in disarray and half trampled to death, he felt quite relieved to have gotten off so lightly.


"Chibi Chibi!"

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