The Bucket

A Kingdom Hearts AU Fic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Square Enix and Disney own all.
Spoilers: None whatsoever.
Pairings: Erm... implied.
Rating: G, Waffy.
Setting: Alternate Universe

Sora glumly shifted his footing and sighed. "Hey you guys, knock it off. Do you want to get us into even MORE trouble?"

Tidus and Wakka paid no attention and continued their contest of balancing buckets of water on the palms of their hands.

"Chill Sora," Wakka said lazily, carefully swaying from side to side. "We're just doing what we're told."

"The teacher did NOT say for us to do this," Sora pointed out, glancing nervously at the classroom door. "He just yelled at us to get the buckets and stand in the hall!"

"And we've got the buckets and we're standing in the hall," Tidus pointed out, bracing one of said buckets against the wall briefly. "We even put water in them," his grip trembled, slopping a little of said water onto the floor. "Oops."

"Clod," Wakka grinned.

"Will you two cut it out?"

"Aw, what's the matter Sora, envious of our strength and talent?" Wakka teased.

Sora growled. "Who's envious? Any moron can do that!"

"So let's see YOU do it then," Tidus challenged immediately.

Backed metaphorically into a corner, Sora carefully manuevred his hands from the bucket handles down the side to underneath. With his tongue stuck out slightly, he raised both buckets to shoulder height and posed.

"Ha! See... whoa... ah... AH!"

Tidus and Wakka watched with interest as Sora wobbled unsteadily, trying to compensate as the water sloshed inside the plastic buckets and unbalanced them. He turned quickly, trying to put his back against the wall to give him something to steady himself against.

"Oh no..." Sora watched one bucket slip off his hands, and tried to grab for it. He only succeeded in knocking it over onto the floor, and the other bucket tilted backwards and fell out the open window behind him. "Ack!"

Wakka and Tidus both burst out laughing and subsequently both dropped their own buckets, leaving the hall floor awash.

"You guys!" Sora's face burned. "Oh geez... what if I hit someone?"

Wakka hauled himself over to the window and peered out. "Oh, lucky!"

"Is it okay?" Sora demanded, too scared to go look for himself.

Wakka gave him a cheerful grin and a thumbs up. "Don't worry, you're safe," he said, grinning.

Sora relaxed.

"You only got Riku."

Sora stared at him for a long moment and then launched himself at the window, where he would have followed the bucket down had not Tidus grabbed onto the back of his shirt.


Below them a drenched and soaking Riku contemplated the bucket he had just removed from his head, and then squinted upward at the boys staring at him from the window. His hair was plastered down flat and his school shirt clung translucently to his torso. He pushed his wet hair out of his face.


Tidus grunted and tried to haul the smaller boy safely inside the window as the classroom door opened behind them and the teacher looked out in trepidation. "Sora, get the hell back in here! Riku will forgive you. Right Wakka? What's he doing right now?"

“He's looking thoughtful," Wakka reported as Sora was protestingly dragged inside. "He's walking over to the drinking fountain. He seems fine, Sora, really. Now he's wiping his face. Now he’s... refilling the bucket."

There was a long pause. Wakka gulped.

“Now he’s walking towards the stairs.”

Behind them, the teacher closed the door again.

An hour later, after the combined forces of Vice Principal's Cloud and Squall had finally managed to end the Great Summer Water Fight of 2000, all four boys were standing wetly in the corridor, the sun warming and (slowly) drying them.

"I really am sorry Riku," Sora apologised for the fortieth time.

Riku laughed, "Don't worry about it Sora." He ran his eyes over the bedraggled boy standing next to him, uniform clinging to his slight frame. "I forgive you."

Behind him there was a loud snort.

Riku turned his head to regard the other two balefully. "I haven't forgiven YOU two though."

Wakka and Tidus both shrank under his gaze. "Now Riku," Tidus began. "Let's not go doing anything you'll regret..."

Riku glared at them both and then regarded Sora again. "Oh, I don't plan on regreting ANYTHING."

Sora beamed at him obliviously.

Riku smirked.

"So Sora, feeling up to a rematch after school?"


A/N: In fond remembrance of the summer waterfights I used to have with the other kids on my street, which always started off with water pistols but ended with buckets, 2-litre ice-cream containers, and the hose. :-)

And Squall as Vice-Principal kills me for humour value. I couldn't tell you why though.

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