My Brother's Things

A FF7: AC Fanfic

By Jaelle

Rating: PG-ish.
Characters: Kadaj (and another perhaps?)
Warnings/Pairings: I once asked if obsessive Riku counted as a pairing? I now ask the same thing about obsessive Kadaj.
Disclaimer: I wish they were mine. But Square Enix owns them lock, stock, and materia.

Kadaj rubbed his arm thoughtfully, and smiled at the heat that bloomed in response to his touch. It flared at his amusement, intensifying in temperature enough that he felt that his blood might begin to boil, his skin might begin to scorch and melt, then slowly died down to a quieter flame. Not fierce enough to hurt, but too strong to be ignored. It would not fight him, but it would make its presence known. Kadaj smiled even more widely.

This materia is strong.

He had chosen it - this single simple ball - out of all the others that Loz had brought back from their brother's home. Loz and Yazoo had gleefully fallen upon the remainder, scooping handfuls up to be absorbed into their body, granting them even greater strength, but Kadaj had stopped at this one. This one was all he needed. He'd felt it even amongst all the others, its fire, its heart. It was strong.

And it smelled of brother.

Kadaj gripped his arm tightly, trying to imagine that it was not he who was using this materia, but another. That it was not his arm that he was touching, but anothers. He trailed the fingers of his free hand up and down the arm in a loving caress. Then he brought his arm up to his face and bit down into it, hard.


He threw his head back and laughed, glorying in the answering pulse in the materia, so strong and pure. It glowed within him, a brilliant bright blue, almost the same colour as his brother's eyes. He wanted very badly to summon the one inside it, the one his brother had once summoned. Perhaps he would summon it against his brother. Wouldn't that be fun? He wanted to do it. Wanted it more than anything.

It's mine now, brother.

Kadaj had taken this from him, but that was only fair. Brother had taken mother and their other brother away from all the rest of them. Brother had betrayed them all; his own family. He had to be punished for that. So Kadaj would take the things that his brother valued. He would take, and take, and take. He would call forth the power of his brother's materia against this world. He would use it for their mother, and for her favourite son. He would use it against his brother. And then, when his brother had been truly punished, he would be forgiven.

But first, I will take from him that which is most important to him.

Yes, exactly right.

Kadaj wondered what that was.


Vague author's notes: Any suggestions for a better title gratefully accepted. The ending is a bit abrupt, I think, but that was the one part that was fixed in my head from the very beginning. Incidentally, does anyone else think the Jenova boys have serious sibling rivalry issues?

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