Bon Clay Dance Party

A One Piece drabble-fic

By Jaelle

Rating: G. Pure silliness.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
For the onepieceyaoi100 weekly challenge - the topic was Bon Clay.

"Halt! Evil pirates!" Marine Lieutenant Jango raised a finger high in the air as he struck the official 'disco dance' pose of Justice. The full moon's light glinted off his heart-shaped glasses and illuminated his flamboyantly loud Hawaiian shirt.

"Surrender immediately!" In an equally eye-blinding shirt, Marine Lieutenant Fullbody struck the same pose and glared fiercely at the pirate crew. "We will only warn you once before we attack!"

"In other words," Jango spoke again, "Stop joooooking around!"

"HEY! That's MY line!" The newly-made Marine Lieutenant Bon Clay stomped his foot angrily before also striking the pose. He too wore a Hawaiian shirt, with the words "Okama way" written on the back. "No fair! Stop joooooking around!"

"Sorry. I just liked the sound of it."

"Well, you did deliver it reasonably well. Very well, just this once."

"Um, guys? The pirates don't seem to be surrendering."

"Then let us unleash upon them our Dance of Justice!"

Loud music began to blare out and the three lieutenants went into an intricate dance routine that incorporated elements of disco and ballet, with the occasional segue into a truly disturbing form of dirty dancing.

From his vantage point on the shore, Smoker watched as Jango dipped Fullbody and then spun him over to Bon Clay, who ground against him suggestively before punching out a pirate. The three men then launched into a victorious can-can, yelling for everyone to "stop joooooking around!"

"Tell me again why you decided to get him pardoned and added to your crew?"

"For Hina amusement."

"... I fear you."

"Hina amusement!"

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