Blade of Destiny
An X fanfiction
by Jaelle

This story is set just before the Promised Day.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, they are all copyright to CLAMP, and I am not making any money off them, so please don't sue me. Or send Sei-chan after me. Or worse, Mokona.

Shirou Kamui raised the glittering steel blade in his hand and felt his arm go weak. He frowned and sternly commanded his nerves to come back under his control. They refused. Biting his lip, he looked behind him. To one side stood Sumeragi Subaru, the mysterious and powerful onmyouji to whom Kamui felt a special connection. On Kamui's other side was Aoki Seiichirou, the wind master who was like a kindly uncle to Kamui. Just behind him, Arisugawa Sorata, the brash young man who had stood by Kamui through thick and thin. His fellow dragons, his trusted friends.

Kamui turned back to the blade, which was now trembling in his hand. He looked across at his mirror image, who was smiling at him. It was a very uneven smile.

Subaru reached out and touched him on the shoulder. "Kamui, you don't have to do this. We can just walk away now, try again another day."

Kamui shook his head, "No. I have to do this." He met each of their eyes briefly, gathering strength from them before facing his reflection once more.

Taking a very deep breath, he raised the gleaming blade and brought it down in a swift, decisive stroke.


As one, the others moved forward to support him.

"Ooooh," Sorata hissed. "Okay, _next_ time you nick yourself, move the razor blade _away_ from your face before you scream."

Subaru dabbed at the blood on Kamui's cheek with a tissue. "You really don't have to do this Kamui," he said. "Really, there's hardly anything there at all!"

"It's just peachfluff!" Sorata added.

"Or, if you're determined, we could always try an electric razor," Seiichirou put in. "They have some nice models available for younger people."

"No!" Kamui muttered. "I will master this!"

He glared at his soapy reflection in the bathroom mirror and waved the razor at it menacingly. "Just you wait and see!" He vowed. "I am Kamui, Dragon of Heaven, and I WILL get the hang of this shaving thing!"

The End.

Please don't kill me. But I just had to!

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