Detective Conan Bandfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Gosho Aoyama owns all.

Anyways, other things being chatted about lately included band AU stories. Apparently they, like genderswitch and Rocky Horror homage stories, appear at least once in every fandom. And so I said to myself... “why isn’t their a band AU for Detective Conan”? And this was the answer.

The four boys crouched behind a dumpster.

“Are they gone?” Kaito asked nervously.

“I think so,” Heiji said. “Damn it’s hard to run in these leather pants.”

Hakuba sighed. “Well so much for our big debut as music’s latest prodigies.”

The three boys turned to the fourth member of their band.

“I didn’t think I was THAT badly out of tune,” Shinichi Kudo protested.


End Notes: Yes, for indeed, as Orla has said: Shinichi Kudo cannot carry a tune, not even in a bucket.

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