A Touya/Yukito/Yue Fluff-piece

By Jaelle

(who is ruining her reputation for being incapable of writing romance and slash)

Disclaimer: The characters herein belong to Clamp, who somehow managed to resist killing them all off in a tragic manner this time.

Touya lies in the darkness and smiles as Yukito sighs and murmurs in his sleep. It’s been a good night. THE night in fact. Fondly he gazes at his lover. His lover. He’s waited patiently for years to be able to call Yuki that, and now he can.

He didn’t mind the waiting that much, to be honest. It gave him time to be sure, to cement his feelings, and to get to know and love Yuki and everything about him. It’s been a slow courtship, but a good one. And now they’re moving on to a new stage of being together, and that’s just fine with him.

Idly he brushes Yuki’s hair out of his face and tries to relax and go to sleep, but he feels too full of energy to rest now. Yuki drifted off shortly after their earlier exertions, but Touya’s still wide awake. Oh well, watching Yuki isn’t a bad thing to spend a few hours doing.

Yuki’s eyes flutter and Touya wonders briefly if he’s dreaming of something. Then they open and he stares in confusion at the cat-slit eyes and sits up abruptly.


At first he thinks that something must be wrong with Sakura, but Yue puts out a reassuring hand and rests it against his bare chest and he calms down. But if it’s not Sakura, then why... oh. Oh!

Yue trails his hand down Touya’s stomach and slides it over to his hip.

“Can’t sleep?”

Touya shakes his head nervously and Yue sits up and moves towards him.


And for the second time that night Touya is wrapped in a tight embrace as arms and legs tangle together, and he briefly wonders if he’s really up to managing TWO lovers. And then Yue begins to DO things to him and he stops thinking and wondering and simply feels as the moon bathes him gently in its light.


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