A Prince of Tennis Crack Pairing

By Jaelle

Pairing: Yukimura/Shinji
Disclaimer: Not mine.

Rating: G.

It wasn't until nearly the end of the Nationals that Ibu Shinji met Rikkai's infamous captain, Yukimura Seiichi.

Fudoumine had just been defeated in the quarterfinals, having had the stunning bad luck to wind up facing Seigaku yet again. They'd played their very best, and Tachibana's match against Tezuka had been a marvel to behold, but in the end it hadn't been enough. Shinji had wandered off during the aftermath, when everyone was coming out of "competitive rival" mode and shifting back into "friendly rival" mode. He didn't feel like being friendly right now.

Moodily, he stared sightlessly at a nearby window. He'd done his best, he knew it. He felt it, in the bone-deep weariness within him, but still, it was over, and it was just a little bitter, and disconnected, and...

"Fudoumine's Ibu, right?"

Shinji didn't turn at the soft question from the left, merely flicked his eyes to the window, and the shapes reflected in it. The other boy's reflection smiled and stepped up to stand next to him. "I'm Yukimura, from Rikkai."

So, this was the great captain. Shinji assessed him slowly. Didn't seem like much.

"My sympathies," Yukimura apparently had no problems with communicating in this fashion. "I'd hoped to test Fudoumine's strength myself, but it appears the match order was against us. I'll have to call your Captain and try to organise a practice game one day."

Shinji, uncharacteristically, remained silent.

Yukimura's reflection's head tilted slightly as it regarded Shinji. "Depressed?"

"Disappointed," Shinji corrected.

"Ah," Yukimura's reflection nodded. "Well, that's understandable." A faint smile flickered over his mouth. He tilted his head the other way. "Hey, don't you think we look alike?"

For the first time Shinji turned his head to look at the boy standing shoulder to shoulder with him, and regarded him closely. Yukimura turned and bore the examination with the hint of a smile lurking at the corners of his mouth.

Finally satisfied that he'd scrutinised Yukimura as closely as possible, Shinji tilted his head slight to one side and spoke. "You're taller than me."

The smile broke loose onto Yukimura's face. "Well, yes, but aside from that, don't we look alike? With our hair? And our features?"

Shinji gave this some thought. "You're not me."


"And I'm not you."

"Certainly not."

"So, taking that into account, I suppose we look a little alike," Shinji conceded. "But I'm still not you."

"Of course you're not," Yukimura nodded. "If you were, we'd be in a lot of trouble being on two different tennis teams."

"Hmmm, true." Shinji turned back to regard their reflections again.

After waiting to see if any more conversation was forthcoming, Yukimura spoke again. "Are you free now?"

"Hmph, thinks he's so important," Shinji began to mumble. "Is that a Rikkai trait I wonder? Hmm... perhaps Echizen should have gone there, he's arrogant enough."

Yukimura waited patiently for Shinji to finish, but after a few minutes of mumbling he merely shrugged, leaned down, and kissed the other boy lightly on the lips.

Shinji blinked at him. "You stole a kiss."

"Indeed I did," Yukimura agreed, a small smile on his face. "Are you ready to play a game now?"

Shinji frowned. "You STOLE a kiss."

Yukimura's lips quirked further upwards.

"I'll tell you what, if you beat me at tennis, I'll give it back to you."


A/N: Uh, written because... I thought they look alike. No, really. It's the hair - I CANNOT RESIST THE HAIR!! SURRENDER YOUR WILL TO THE HAIR!!!

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