Alchemy 101

A FMA Fanfic

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: Not mine. Just borrowing.

Spoilers: None.

Rating: G.

Pairings: None.

Set: Ed is 6, Al and Winry are 5.

Winry was suspicious. She hadn't seen Ed or Al for the last two days, and she just knew that they were up to something. Probably something sneaky or fun. And without her! She pouted briefly at this before setting off to find them, armed only with a comprehensive knowledge of their favourite hiding places.

They were in the second place she looked, covered with chalk dust, and giggling.

This was not unusual, they were both good-natured, healthy boys. They laughed and played a lot, and giggled. But this time they were lying down and giggling. And there was a weird smell. An empty pitcher lay nearby, the inside stained purple.

"There you are!" Winry said, putting her hands on her hips. "What are you <u>doing</u>?"

"Alchemy," Ed said, and hiccuped. Both he and Al seemed to find this desperately funny and curled up laughing.

"Are you making me another doll?" Winry brightened. She liked the first one, and wouldn't mind a matching set.

"Nah... shu... suh... second less'n, 'rganic 'mutata... mutatos... thing," Al stuttered. He burped and turned a shade of pale green, "Nii-chan... I feel sick."

"Have you been eating the grapes before they're ripe again?" Winry asked, trying to be helpful. She walked over and sat down near them. Ed laughed harder than ever at her question, and even Al giggled some more before moaning.

"Hey, Win'! Love Win!" Ed managed to slur when he stopped laughing. "Al! Al! Isn't Win' our best frien'?"

"Yes nii-chan," Al hiccuped obediently. "Love Winry."

"Love Winry!" Ed yelled defiantly. "LOVE WINRY!"

The two boys staggered over to Winry, who was quite enchanted at this display of affection, and hugged her tightly.

Years later, Winry still remembered the moment fondly. She wasn't <u>quite</u> so fond of the moment after it, in which both boys proceeded to stagger away and throw up, but she decided that it was all worth it in the end. For she would ALWAYS treasure the memory of watching them attempt to become one with the floor when she’d finished regaling their colleagues in the military with this story on one of her visits.


Author's Notes:

An OT3 fic. Sorta. Spawned by comments about underage drinking in my own, and other people's, fics, as well as episode one of the anime (the Priest turning the water to wine, and the wine fountain). It just suddenly occurred to me that transmuting fruits and vegetables into alcohol must be pretty damn easy, even for a junior level Alchemist.

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