Advent Pilots

A Gundam Wing & Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children fusion fanfic

By Jaelle

Characters: Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, the triplets
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: The triplets -_-;;;
Setting: Episode 10 of Gundam Wing
Disclaimer: If only they were mine

Notes: This was written as a request for Christmas 2005 for Dogmatix-san, who asked for "any scene" involving a fusion of Gundam Wing and Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.

The field of battle was quiet and still as Scarlet's threat finished playing.

Inside the Tallgeese, Sephiroth snarled as she cut him off, claiming that she knew what Rufus really wanted. Helplessly he gazed at the Gundams on his viewscreen, in particular Unit 01, with whom he'd had been duelling prior to Scarlet's announcement that she would launch missiles at the colonies if the Gundams did not surrender.

"You can't fight now, can you?" He said angrily. "And neither can I." The first decent challenge I've had since Zack left... who the hell ARE you?

Inside Gundam 02, Zack Donovan was swearing copiously. Just fucking great. That crazy bitch is going to destroy everything. Sephiroth, this is why I have to fight Shinra. There has to be some other way...

There was static, and then a broadcast came over every channel. A familiar face that smirked at everyone watching.

"Attention Shinra," Professor Hojo adjusted his glasses and smiled. "I suppose I should have expected such clumsy and inelegant tactics from you. No matter. As I have completed my personal mission here I no longer have any use for the colonies, but there's no point in wasting resources, so I have therefore decided to surrender."

"However, I have no intention of surrendering the Gundams. Is that clear? I will not surrender the Gundams."

The message cut out, and Zack blinked. "What the hell..."

The cockpit of Gundam 01 opened, and Cloud Strife stepped out.

"A boy?" Sephiroth blinked. "I don't believe it. He's just a kid."

Glazed blue eyes stared unblinkingly at the Tallgeese.

"Mission accepted," Cloud intoned, and pressed the detonation button.

"CLOUD!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Zack's scream was drowned out by the explosion as Gundam Wing self-detonated. Cloud's body was thrown into the air like a rag doll, and landed several metres away. "Oh fuck... Hojo you bastard!!!"

Zack glanced at the other three Gundams, and flipped on his communicator. "Get the hell out of here you three. We can't fight anymore. Go!"

"But Professor Hojo said... and Mother wants..." Yazoo's voice was soft and confused, and Zack resisted the urge to swear at him. It wasn't his fault.

"Switch off the Jenova System. You're all using it, I know you are. Switch it off NOW and retreat." Zack rapped out the orders tightly. "Get as far away as you can. We'll rendezvous later."

"But..." This time it was Loz protesting.

"Do. As. I. Say." Zack gritted out. "Switch it off!"

"Do it," Kadaj's voice was clear. "Hurry! We must go. Mother will understand. Yazoo, get our brother, you're closest."

"I'll get him..." Zack's voice trailed off as the Tallgeese reached down and picked up Cloud's body. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK. Sephiroth!"

Sephiroth's eyes left their examination of the boy and focused on the screen showing Unit 02.

"Zack." He smiled. "I thought you had to be here somewhere."

"Hand him over, Sephiroth." Zack's voice was a snarl. "I'm not letting you bastards take Cloud."

"Cloud, is it?" Sephiroth flicked another glance at the tiny blonde in his Gundam's hands. "He's still alive, you know. And there's a Shinra Hospital very near here."

"Damn you, Sephiroth," Gundam Deathscythe began advancing and then halted when Tallgeese turned to walk away.

"You'd better get going, Zack," Sephiroth said, paying no further attention to the man. "You can't fight me, not with the threat of a missile attack on the colonies hanging over your head. This round is ours. But I'm sure you'll get another chance later. In fact, I'll be disappointed if you don't. So go. Cloud will be safe with me, I assure you."

Zack slammed his hands repeatedly against his console as Sephiroth left, taking the fragile former pilot with him. "Damn! God damn it all to fucking hell!"

His sensors bleeped as he picked up Shinra reinforcements, and he hesitated.

"Don't worry," Kadaj's voice came over the communicator. "It's alright. He won't hurt our brother. Not even if Mother tells him to."

A sick feeling crawled up Zack's spine. "Do you three know something I don't?"

There was a long pause, and he could practically sense the triplets thinking at each other. He knew they weren't telepathic, not really, but they WERE all clones of the same person, and with the amount of time they'd spent plugged into the Jenova System together they might as well be.

Finally Kadaj came back on with a reply, one which did not make Zack feel any better.

"Brother will not harm Brother."


"Are you really sure that our brother will be alright?" Loz asked later, after the trio had successfully made their escape and met up in one of Yazoo's hideouts.

Kadaj laid his cello aside and frowned at the music score he'd been practicing. "He'll be fine. Brother is strong, after all. Even if Mother thinks he's a failure."

"But... Mother was REALLY angry that time," Loz shifted uncomfortably. "And Shinra now has the pieces of brother's Gundam. The Jenova System will be intact, and they'll definitely examine it. You know she's been wanting to be with HIM for a while now. What if she finally gets in contact and tells HIM to do something about it?"

There was an uncomfortable silence. It was well-known amongst the trio that Mother played favourites. In particular they were aware that she favoured their oldest brother over all of them.

And she hated Cloud.

Kadaj shook himself. "I told you, Brother will not harm Brother."

"Yes but... she was SO angry. And... I wish she wasn't so mean to our brother," Loz said in a rush. "He's alright. A bit quiet. But he tries so hard, and she just yells at him all the time. Even when... even when he's not linked in, she's always yelling. She hurts him."

They all shuddered. They'd all felt their mother's wrath at least once before, usually when they failed. Loz in particular tended to get punished quite frequently, but nowhere near the same amount as Cloud.

"It's Hojo's fault," Kadaj's eyes flashed with hatred. "He was just supposed to be a tool for mother, but he meddled with her design. That's why our oldest brother isn't here, because of HIS screw-up. And then he messed with Cloud too, and now he's hurt."

The triplets growled.

"Can we kill him?" Loz asked eagerly. "Surely Mother would like that."

"No!" Kadaj glared at him. "You know we need him. Who else will repair the Gundams?"


Both brothers turned to look at Yazoo. The other brother spoke rarely, but his words were always worth hearing.

"Where does our other brother fit in?" The awkward way Yazoo said "brother" meant that he was talking about Zack. "He doesn't hear mother at all."

Both Loz and Yazoo looked at Kadaj hopefully. The younger boy bit his lip and thought frantically. It was true, Zack was the odd one out in their little family. He knew that the man loved their other brothers, and even cared about Kadaj and the others. But he never seemed to have the same goals and direction, and his methods were bizarre, albeit effective. And he always seemed to know exactly what... aha!

Kadaj's eyes lit up. "Of course," he breathed. "That's why... It's Dr Gast!"


The words tumbled over his lips. "Yes, because Gast saw what Hojo was planning and left to build Unit 02 on his own. He knew that Hojo was a traitor, and so he came up with a way to help us! Don't you see... Zack isn't getting instructions from Mother. He's getting them from Father!!"

Yazoo and Loz's eyes widened in shock.

"Of course," Yazoo breathed. "That explains everything. Why he can act so independently. Why he's so strong. And where he got that big ship from - Father must have given it to him!"

"Father," Loz said reverently. "I wonder what he's like."

"He must be kind," Kadaj said instantly. "Kind and strong. Like Zack. And that's why Zack is trying to help our brother so much. He knows that Mother doesn't like him so he and Father are trying to help." He stood up triumphantly. "And that's why Mother wants Sephiroth so much. Don't you see - there's three of them! They were made for each other, just like we were. Three of them, three of us. Our older siblings. And once Mother has Sephiroth, he and Zack and Cloud will be able to bring our parents back together, and nothing will be able to stop us."

Loz launched to his feet, practically dancing in place. "Oh, I hope it happens soon," tears filled his eyes. "I want to hear our Father's voice too."

Yazoo nodded and looked thoughtful as Kadaj added his own agreement and patted Loz on the shoulder.

"If Zack is in touch with Father, then Father must have told those friends of his on the ship all about the Gundams," Yazoo said slowly. "We know he can repair them. Those guys helped him."

"Which guys?" Loz looked confused.

"Cid and Vincent," Kadaj said, also looking thoughtful. "Vincent even helped fix my Gundam. And I heard him talking to Mother, although she didn't answer him and he called her something else."

"Vincent knows Mother??!" Loz's eyes widened. "But he's not a pilot!"

"If he knows Mother and the Gundams, he must know Father as well," Yazoo's fingers drummed quietly on his thigh. "And if he and Cid and Zack are working for Father, and can repair our Gundams... then we don't need Professor Hojo anymore."

There was a long silence.

And then Kadaj wrapped himself around Yazoo and kissed him softly. "Brother. You're a genius."

"No, you are," Yazoo whispered to him. "You're the one who realised about Father."

Kadaj closed his eyes. Father. "Loz, Yazoo, get your Gundams."

"It's time to go play with Professor Hojo."


A/N: This whole fused Universe just kept unfolding in my head and I had to force myself not to add in a scene with all the Shinra people because it bogged down the plotline, but it all just FIT so WELL. Argh. And Aeris would have been in Relena's role and she and Sephiroth would have helped Zack pull Cloud back together after all of Hojo's mindwiping and controls and... stopping right now.

(And Kadaj totally plays the cello to go with Loz's violin and Yazoo's flute, and the three of them make beautiful music together.)

Anyway, for anyone who was uncertain about who fused with who:

People appearing in the fic:

Cloud - Heero
Zack - Duo
Yazoo - Trowa
Loz - Quatre
Kadaj - Wu Fei

Sephiroth - Zechs
Scarlet - Une
Cid & Vincent - Howard and his crew
Professor Hojo - Professor J
Professor Gast - The other Mads
Jenova - Zero System

People not appearing in the fic (cos I couldn't work a mention in):

Aeris - Relena
Rufus - Treize
Tifa - Hilde

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