X Piece

One Piece/X crossover/fusion

By Jaelle

Disclaimer: None of them are mine.
Rating: PG-13
Series: One Piece/X crossover/fusion
Word count: A little over 1,600
Genre: Humour

Subaru had always known that it was his Destiny to be one of the Seven Dragons of Heaven, those who would strive to save humanity. It only made things that much easier to know that Seishirou-san was on the other side, one of the Dragons of Earth. His opposing number, his bitterest enemy.

The only man he'd ever loved.

Therefore, when his new comrades and their young leader asked him to join them in their battle, he accepted it without even thinking about it.

"You'll really join our team, Subaru?"


"YAY!" Luffy exulted. "That makes seven! Now, we only need three more!"

Subaru blinked, and his gaze focused on their strange 'Kamui'.

"I thought there were only supposed to be seven seals," he said after a pause.

Luffy stared at him for a long moment. "But... ten is a good number."

They blinked at each other for a while, until one of the others coughed. "Anyway," the girl said loudly. "Now that we all know who Subaru-san is, we should introduce the other members of our team! You've met our 'Kamui' of course. My name is Nami, I'm a master of Wind and Weather, nice to meet you."

Subaru mumbled something polite as the girl carried on. "The guy with the long nose is Usopp."

"That's 'Great Usopp, brave warrior-priest of the Mitsumine Shrine'!" Usopp glared at her, before giving Subaru a quick smile. "It's great to meet you, Sumeragi-san. And this is my spirit beast, Tanuki!"

Subaru looked at the beast. "... is he really a tanuki?"

"No, of course not. He's a reindeer - see, he has horns."

"Then why..."

"Actually, we mostly call him Tony Tony Chopper."


"And the guy next to Usopp is Sanji," Nami interrupted hurriedly. "He's from the monastery on Mt Kouya."

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance," Sanji said politely, bowing. "It's nice to have someone else with some class on this crew."

There was a loud snort from the man standing next to Luffy. "Weren't you the one who was hoping he was another 'hot babe', stupid love-monk?"


"So that was Sanji. The loud fellow arguing with him is Zoro, from... actually we're not certain which temple he's from," Nami paused. "He says it's called Ise, but none of us have ever heard of it, and we suspect he's making it up to avoid embarassment over getting lost and not being able to find his way back to it."

"I TOLD you... it's a HIDDEN temple!!!"

"Yeah, sure, right," Nami rolled her eyes. "A hidden temple. Anyway, he's a swordsman, wielding magical swords. Two of them pop straight up out of his hands when he calls them."

"There's also a third sword, but we don't like to ask where that one comes from," Usopp added.

"And that just leaves Robin," Nami raised her voice to be heard over the sounds of the fight which had broken out between Sanji, Usopp and Zoro. "She's... where did she go?"

"I'm sorry, I was reading."

"YEEK!" Nami jumped straight up, swivelled round, and glared at the woman standing behind her. "Damn it, stop DOING that to me!"

"My apologies, Wind-san."

"Robin-chwuan, you shouldn't go too far, or how will I protect you?" Sanji had managed to extricate himself from the fight and threw himself at her feet. "You must never leave my side in case something happens! After all, I am fated to die for the woman I love."

"I thought you were planning on dying for Nami," Usopp grumbled.

"Ah, naturally if it were needed I would be most happy to give up my life for Nami-san."

"The sooner the better," Zoro muttered.


Subaru winced as the fight resumed and returned his gaze to Robin. "Uh, Robin-san?"

"Yes, Onmyouji-san?"

"Weren't you on the other side before?"


"... Oh."

Luffy laughed. "Robin was over there for a while, but she's not a bad person."

"I see..." Subaru felt extremely confused as Nami settled the boys' fight with a couple of well-placed fists.

"I look forward to working with you, Onmyouji-san," Robin said with a secret smile. "I've heard a great deal about you from Assassin-san."

Subaru stared at her. "Seishirou-san talked about me?"


"Who's Seishirou?" Luffy asked.

"He is Subaru-san's Special Person."

You could actually hear the capital letters.

"Oooooh... a Special Person," Luffy stared at Subaru, wide-eyed. "Did he give you a hat?"

"What? No! Why would he give me a hat?" Subaru was beginning to feel his patience unravelling.

"My Special Person gave me a hat, see?" Luffy pointed to the straw hat on his head. "It's my treasure."

Subaru softened a bit at the proud smile on Luffy's face.

"My sister gave me hats," he admitted. "But I think yours is nicer."

"Oh, well if he didn't give you a hat, how is he special then?"

"He..." Subaru paused. "He was my friend. And he lost his eye for me, to protect me."

Luffy's eyes widened. "Really? My Special Person lost his arm for me!"

"And then he said that the person he was never existed at all, it was all a pretense, and he was going to kill me but instead he beat me and broke my arm and killed my sister."

"Oh..." Luffy paused. "Okay, well my Special Person didn't do THAT."

"I should hope not!" Nami said, appalled.

"Of course, I don't have a sister..."

"Yes, yes."

"And you couldn't break my arm because I'm a Rubber Man..."

"Luffy, stop talking."

"But despite all of that," Robin's gaze never wavered from Subaru's face. "You still care deeply for him, don't you?"

Subaru tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. "He doesn't care about me."

"That's not what I asked, Onmyouji-san," Robin said gently.

"I... I... I still love him, I tried so hard not to. But I do," Subaru looked appalled at himself. "Even after everything he did. I told myself I wanted revenge, but I just want him to come back. Even if only to kill me, I want him to come back. Because at least then he'd notice me."

"Are you sure?" Luffy looked concerned and unusually serious. "That doesn't sound like a good idea, Subaru. Are you really sure you want him back?"

"One way or another," Subaru smiled tearfully, waiting for them to start condemning him.

"Well, if you're positive, then... hmm... aha!" Luffy looked triumphant. "Is your Special Person by any chance... a musician?"

"No, he's an assassin."


Luffy looked so utterly crestfallen that Subaru found himself continuing. "And a veterinarian."

"WOO!! Well then, that makes it simple. We should definitely have a veterinarian on our team! So we'll recruit him, and then you can beat him up and tell him he's an idiot, and then you can go back to being friends!" Luffy cheered.


"Cos we all feel better after we beat each other up for being idiots, so you should too!" Luffy explained.

The rest of the group (excluding Robin) exploded in outrage.

"What kind of insane troll logic is that?"

"I don't like being beaten up!"

"Yeah, I'm not some weird kind of masochist! Don't lump me in with the idiot swordsman!"

"Who are YOU calling a masochist?!! I'm not the one who throws myself down for women to walk on, perverted love-monk!"

"And who are you calling idiots, Luffy?"

"Yeah! You're the biggest idiot of us all!!"

"Don't call us idiots, idiot!"

"YOU'RE the idiot, masochistic love-monk! Dartboard eyebrow!"



"Gomu gomu no... WHIP!!!"

Subaru was knocked halfway down the street as Luffy scythed his foot out in a huge attack, sending his team slamming through a couple of lamp-posts.

"Kekkai..." he whimpered, trying to draw enough breath to stand up. "You forgot to put up a kekkai first."

"There, you see?" Luffy walked over to the group and grinned down at them, Robin standing just behind him. "Don't you all feel better now?"

There was a mass growl, and several acts of treasonous violence later the group stepped away from Luffy's beaten body and agreed that, yes, now they DID indeed feel better.

"Sowwy..." Luffy mumbled.

Subaru looked at the peculiar group he'd found himself a member of and, for the first time in years, found a small smile spreading across his face. Suddenly, nothing seemed quite as impossible as he had believed.

"That's a much better look for you," Luffy told him as Chopper batted his nose gently against Subaru, apparently checking him for injuries. "You look much nicer when you smile. Don't worry, we'll recruit your Special Person and have a Veterinarian on our crew and everything will be all right!"

"But after that we DEFINITELY have to get a musician."


"So, Kamui thinks he can recruit you." /Kamui/ was amused. "I hardly think you're his type."

Seishirou smiled thinly. "I'm not. Nor is he, mine. And I'm not sure I like the way he's acting so familiarly around my property."

"Yes, we should probably do something about that." /Kamui's/ eyes narrowed. "Assemble the others, Seishirou. I think it's time to pay my cute twin star a vizzzzzzzzzz..."

Seishirou waited patiently for a few minutes and then sighed and fished out his cigarette and lighter.

"Are we SURE he's /Kamui/ and not the Dream Seer?" He demanded irritably. "He spends more time asleep than anyone else on this team."

"Well it sure as hell isn't ME!" Smoker growled back in annoyance. "Mihawk says it isn't him, and it's not Arlong or Crocodile either. So unless you want to be following Bon Clay's orders..."

Seishirou shuddered. "Never mind."

Smoker snorted. "Anyway, I've got to go. Tashigi wants to get ice cream, or some fool thing. Call me if he wakes up and finishes a sentence."

Seishirou glared at the other man's back as he left, then transferred his gaze to the freckled face of their leader.

Ace gave a particularly loud snore.

Seishirou sighed and settled down to wait.

Maybe being on the other team wouldn't be all that bad.


A/N: Epilogue added because... Ace made me. I cannot resist his freckles and cocky grin and sexy, sexy, hot body.

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